Ultras in the Crimea

Euromaidan PR

March, 10, 2014

Mariya Dragina, The Ukrayinska Pravda, Life; Photos by Serhiy Morgunov

I got acquainted with the Crimean Ultras being 3 days in Simferopol during the meeting dedicated to the Taras Shevchenko’s 200 hundred jubilee. It is very uneasy to meet pro-Ukrainian Crimean inhabitants. When I saw guys in typical wears near the Shevchenko monument I headed to them. I was met with a question:

-Where are you from? Don’t photograph our faces!-I regret about that because the faces of these guys are handsome and light. –We are not only Ultras, we are the autonomous defense of the Crimea that was made up spontaneously.

-Did you fight with someone?

They laughed at my question and evasively answered:

-Certainly not, we stand for peace.

 – Whom the Crimea is needed to be safeguarded from?

-We are resisted by the “Russian vatniks” who have never been to Russia or other regions of…

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