Achievements of Maidan: Ministers report

Ukrainian (temporary) Minister of Internal Affairs answers the criticisms of Maidan and its activists and informs internet users in an informal manner. As for me it is one of the great achievements of the Maidan movement.
It’s a looong text, but here are just few bullet points:
– two journalists, who were abducted in Crimea, were found at last; negotiations go on.
– several separatists were apprehended and await their trial.
– in Donetsk (Eastern Ukraine) a GRU agent (GRU= Main Intelligence Directorate in Russia) has been apprehended; it remains to be seen what he has to say in his defence.
– remarks on the totality of corruption that police departments all over the country have sunken into and the difficulties minister faces to improve this state in a very short time span available. (that explains at least partially why Ukrainian police officers do not interrupt clashes between Russian “tourists”, pro-Russian activists and pro-Ukrainian activists in Eastern Ukraine and so often fail to fulfil their duty.)
– claims to have given up the MP mandate, which one is obliged to do once a person changes from legislative to executive power branch (Ukrainian law).
These would be the most prominent points of the minister’s report he made yesterday night.


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