Putin: Our soldiers will stand behind women and children. Let the other side shoot

(Commented and translated by Voices of Ukraine)

Deutsche Version

Well, one could wonder and argue how precisely Vladimir Putin meant it, but here is what was said:

Russian President – Vladimir Putin – said that he would use his right for military intervention in Ukraine only as a last resort. This might be protection of Ukrainian citizens.

“Let the ukrainian military try to shoot their own people, russian soldiers will be standing behind ukrainian citizens. Not in front of them, but behind.” That was Putins answer to the question what would happen, should ukrainian military decide to retaliate.

Source: http://censor.net.ua/video_news/274135/putin_nashi_voyiska_stanut_pozadi_jenschin_i_deteyi_pust_oni_poprobuyut_v_nih_strelyat_video


One could see this figure of speech by russian president in so many ways. Is this a threat to use citizens of Ukraine as a shield? Is this Putin’s assumption that Ukrainians will protect his military men and stand as a live shield between russian and ukrainian military? How did he mean it? Did he think through what he said there? … This figure of speech of his calls for many questions…

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2 Responses to Putin: Our soldiers will stand behind women and children. Let the other side shoot

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  2. Pat Joy says:

    About parr for the course for a Russian dictator. He’ll use your own families and friends against you.

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