Maidan, the heart of Europe

Euromaidan PR

k.b.sigov_2-200x300Konstantin Sigov, 16 February 2014

Greetings to you from Kyiv, where I find myself at the moment.

 Listen to them carefully. The Maidan demonstrators say “no” to active and vindictive nihilism. They say “no” to an inhuman view of people. Nobody listens to them. They are treated as if they are inaudible; their initiative is treated as absurd and weak. They are being shown that the Europe for which they risk their lives no longer exists, that there will be no new renaissance. But Europe is wounded when people are imprisoned and beaten in Kyiv. And if it suffers, it must still be alive! Those who go out to the squares of the cities and towns of Ukraine are witnesses to this. They have not been afraid to express their solidarity with Maidan in Kyiv. They had no fear of beatings and arrests. They even dare to hope that…

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