Gas Subtexts of Crimea Crisis

Euromaidan PR

1961365_10152288287507679_14625142_nWe noted in our analysis “Bloody Stream to Europe” as of 24 January 2014 that the destabilization in Ukraine has not only internal reasons, but also external stimulation, as well as a serious “gas motive” of Russian foreign energy policy.  The “war in Kyiv” should help advance the Kremlin’s “South Stream” in Brussels. At the background of increasing destabilization in Ukraine, the Russian plan foresees that the EU had to meet Russia’s move in the question of excluding South Stream project from the Third Energy Package. However, this did not happen, though, a definite movement of European Commission towards “Gazprom” is observed. Now at the background of outlined gradual evolution towards stabilization in Kyiv and in Ukraine as a whole, it becomes important for Russia to launch additional scenario of destabilization in order to continue arguing with Brussels the need to support the “South Stream” and the early adoption of…

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