Inspirational Maidan: Meet Yulia of “I am a Ukrainian!”

NAME: Yulia – author of “I am a Ukrainian” video Image

This is Yulia.

She is a post-graduate student in literature. She has been on Maidan since its very first days.

She volunteered at the Euromaidan SOS hotline, took shifts at a hospital, collected books for Maidan’s library from her friends and acquiantances. She has done many good things, just like her husband. I’ve learned that from her friends.

“I feel there is a huge gap between what I do and what I must do for Maidan,” the young woman says.

She routinely carries this feeling within.

After the information about the first human casualties on Hrushevskiy Street transpired, Yulia wrote a Facebook post. According to Yulia, she felt like screaming about the events happening in her country. A friend suggested to make a video of her statement for more people to see and hear her.

They recorded the video on Hrushevskiy Street next to the destroyed makeshift hospital. It was very cold at the time, which made her speech sound uneven.

“I wanted to show everybody that I was just a person. If you say that there are radicals and terrorists in our streets, then see for yourself what terrorists look like, since I am a terrorist too,” explains Yulia.

In ten days her video got 3 million views on YouTube. People from all over the world write to Maidaners English page to say how much they have been moved by this video. Thank you, young lady, for telling the world about the situation in Ukraine in simple words. Yulia has asked me to write what concerned her the most. She does not do even 1/10 of what her mother does for Maidan. Her mother is a lab doctor, and she is on Maidan from dawn to dusk.


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