Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations

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Protestors will demand that G20 Finance Ministers freeze the finances of members of the Ukrainian Presidential regime who have used deadly force against pro-democracy protestors in Ukraine.

The ‘FREEZE THEIR FINANCES FLASHMOB’ will gather on Saturday, February 22 at 12 noon at the corner of Bridge and Philip Streets, outside the Intercontinental Hotel (G20 Media Centre), in Sydney’s CBD.

Mr Stefan Romaniw OAM, President of the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations, which is organising the Flashmob as part of the Australian National Prayer & Action for Ukraine Campaign, said:

“After ruthless repression by State security forces and some 100 people dead in Kyiv, real action is immediately needed from the international community to curb violence by the Yanukovych junta.

“Our message to G20 Finance Ministers is simple. Freeze the junta’s personal finances, and restrict their personal travel. Make them responsible for their violence such as deploying snipers on innocent civilians and international journalists.

“As President Obama, the Canadian Prime Minister, and European Union leaders have all said: there must be consequences for those who perpetrated violence against people simply seeking democracy and human rights in Ukraine.

“The time for talk by the international community is over – the time for G20 action is now so that we safeguard the lives of innocent people.

“Australia, as Chair of the G20, should not remain out of step with its key allies as it currently is. Australia needs to catch up to the US, Canada and the EU as they all introduce sanctions as part of their commitment to democratic values and in their strategic interests, such as resisting reactionary Putinism.

“The AFUO calls on Treasurer Joe Hockey, a man of strong principle, to stand up for Ukrainian democracy and human rights – and the integrity of our alliances,” Mr Romaniw said.

The Australian National Prayer & Action for Ukraine Campaign will also feature events in Geelong and Adelaide on Saturday, and a major ecumenical service at Melbourne’s St Patrick’s Cathedral on Wednesday, February 26 at 7pm.

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