Eternal memory. For the glorious heroes of Ukraine. #Maidan. #Ukraine. #Revolution.

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3 Responses to Eternal memory. For the glorious heroes of Ukraine. #Maidan. #Ukraine. #Revolution.

  1. Olena Tylko Halkowycz says:

    Ukraine! Stand tall, and proud and strong! Your sons, your heros will return will return in the spring to bring you flowers and glory and peace!

    As they rest in peace, their love for God and Ukraine will shine in the golden sun among the blue skies and the restless gentle winds of the golden wheat fields of Ukraine the lands our Trypilian – Kievian – Rus.

    The sperit of the Ukrainian heros will sooth the soul of Ukraine as every child can sooth the soul of its mother and father.
    May the heros of Ukraine rest in peace! May Ukraine’s Kyev always have the peoples’ sovernity!

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