Aleksandra Kovaleva: Come here and see what real human values are!

Dear Europeans.

As an activist of protests in Kiev, I want to confess. I have never liked the word “Euromaydan” (‪#‎Євромайдан‬). Especially since more than two and a half months the protests have nothing to do with Europe or EU.

Two months ago, I was still able to justify this “Euro” naming with “European” values. Or rather universal human values which were logically usurpated by Europe, compare to amuck Russia, Belarus and other “North Koreas” in Asia.
But today, even the “European values” concept is gone as an argument. We skipped the “European” values. Because I can not imagine where in Europe people would be able to fight and die for freedom and dignity. These concepts seem to have no use anymore in sluggish well-fed Europe.

Living in Europe, I saw many protests of europeans. The very first day of protests, “civilized” people of Europe were beating storefronts, torched cars around and, moreover, they were looting as well. Ukrainians on Maidan peacefully stood on the square for a long freezing months, despite the draconian actions of the authorities. So tell me, who has more right to talk about civility? We or you? I do not understand how you, dear European politicians, even dare to talk about extremism in Ukraine?

Following the protests in EU, I came to the conclusion that almost all of your protests were provoked by the same issue. Money. Europeans have always a lack of money. For money, they go to the streets, for money they beat cars, and even quiet dissatisfaction expressed solely in general is also about money, and things connected with it. Apparently, it is now – the main ‘European’ value.

And while people are dying in Ukraine fighting against the injustice itself, fighting for their simple dignity, in Europe dignity has been already forgotten. Not because Europeans don’t have it, they just dont need it. They don’t use it. Dignity is gone.
So, dear European politicians, why do you think you have the right to teach us something? Thanks to the horror in Ukraine, we finally see, what you’re worth.

Different people standing now on maidan – the intelligentsia, small and medium businesses, the remnants of ukrainian middle class, students and villagers who are impressing me the most. Young and old villagers – they die fighting for what? For justice and freedom. In 21 century in the middle of Europe. For fucking justice and freedom. And it does not matter anymore who started all this, who is right and who is wrong and is there any sense in all what is going on. The Monster uses tanks against people, his troops are shooting girls with Kalashnikov, and those villagers who were never interested in politics, they arrived to a strange city with their pitchforks and shovels to die here for some sort of ephemeral dignity and some theoretical freedom that Europe has long since forgotten. Tell me, do your European burghers able to do something like this?

We are expecting your sanctions for our monsters, but you do not want to do it. After all, your economy is in trouble, and the money of our oligarchs helps you not to die. And you, dear European politics, you do not care that this money was stolen from Ukrainians, from me personally, as well.

At the same time you try not to see the simple fact that you have yourself brought your economy to collapse, blowing stillborn financial system with new loans. You are guilty in your crisis, not Ukrainians. But you take the stolen money from the hands of Ukrainian gangsters, and when the Ukrainian people say “what is going on, dear Europeans, these bandits are killing us now over these stolen money you keep in your banks” you , dear European politicians, cannot even freeze it, I am not even talking to give it back. So who are you?

Yanukovych fucks you all this time, he fucks us also, but we at least trying to resist. But you, dear European politics, seem to even like it. Otherwise, why are you calling again and again to instaure any dialogue with this thug ? You know that he was twice in jail, for years there he was with thieves and murderers , so his mental system mutated to psychopathy (I don’t even talk about thefact that he was in jail for real crimes). You know what he did in Donetsk after prison. But you keep talking about the peace negotiations. The Monster kills people, and you keep saying that he is legally elected. I will not talk about bribes and violations during elections. I ll only notice that Hitler was legally elected. And Stalin also had “elections”. Ups, sorry, what am I talking about? You had your arrangements with those guys too, haven’t you? Without any concerns of shame. You have a good experience of collaborating with different dictators.

You know, in Ukraine we say – wisdom comes with oldness. But sometimes oldness comes all alone. And sometimes, as in your case, instead of the wisdom the oldness brings marasmus. You’re too old Europe. Mentally, historically. For hundred years you are not able to move actively, trowsing in your warm and wet swamp of comfort. Long time ago you fought for freedom / equality / fraternity , and then immediately you laid to rest on laurels. Over the years the laurels rotted, but you’re still not moving. You moved from human values to mercenariness and bubble dictatorship of feigned loyalty. You are sleeping in your comfort. Comfort is good, i am happy for all of you, really. But still, you are sleeping.

You’re too old, you’re blind to see what is happening, you are deaf and can not hear the screams. You are no longer able to move his ass. But most of all you don’t want to help anyone as long as it does not bring you profit, but you pretend to be a very important guys and you demand respect. Just like old people do. So drink your good wine, eat your eco products, change the car every five years and do not move your ass.

Now, dear european politics, you are free to accuse me of ageism.

While you waddle from side to side, mimicking the activity, the new country rises. Rises in the struggle for real values. And if we will rise (with or without you), we with pleasure will welcome you here and show you, dear European politics, what real human values are.

I often go to Europe. And I always feel there that I am Ukrainian. It’s not too cool. Whatever anyone says , still it is cooler to be French, English, Italian or German. Ukrainian? Ah, not far from Russia? Vodka balalaika? – European citizens help to feel how not cool is it to be Ukrainian. “You have no normal cheese in Ukraine”, ” how can you drink your wine ?”, “How do you live without a normal meat”, “Your corruption is disaster”, “God, cars here are so expensive and your men are so ugly”,”how do you live with such a bad roads?”- this is what European citizens tell and they are right in everything. And I can only nod sadly, and feel as a representative of the Third World. Now these complexes are vanished.

I know that from now on I will smile every time when Europeans will try to talk to me about our differences. Drink your good wine and buy your new cars, dear European politics. We just have quite different values of life.

Thats all.
Sorry for my English.

And yes, thank you, Poland. We hear you and we love you.
And to other alive people of Europe – thank you.

Source: Alexandra Kovaleva on Facebook in English and Russian.

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22 Responses to Aleksandra Kovaleva: Come here and see what real human values are!

  1. Janek says:

    We hear the voice of your country!!!
    Here in the west of Poland people have been donating money, blankets and other stuff for Ukraine. We feel honored to have the injured Ukrainian citizens in our hospitals.
    Nobody knows better than the POles what it is like to be a citizen of the 3rd category in Europe.
    You need a new Lech Walesa who would unite all the country and lead it peacefully to democracy.

    Don’t judge the EU citizens too harsh. We the POles have the same mentality and values as the Ukrainians. We know you suffer but it seems that the world of politics has its own rules – the rules which unfortunately need to consider the power of Russia. Russia is so far from humanitarian values that you may expect even a nuclear war.

    We are angry and furious to see the agreement is being signed. But ….. I think the foreign affairs minister of Poland was right saying “If you don’t sign it you will hava a martail law and you will be all dead”. Ukraine does not need dead people.
    We pray you have still strength to make the elections fast, even next month and not to wait till December.

    God bless you all
    we all look up at your courage
    Janek from Poland

  2. ki says:

    iam on your side! slawa ukraine! fight for rights, be smart and keep alive! Never knee down !! you ppl are making First Class difference

  3. John Smith says:

    What is the link between stolen money & oligarchs and Western European financial situation?

    Anyways, I, as a citizen of EU country, was horrified when I thought this started as pro-EU protest, now I am glad to understand you have your own thing.

  4. Tomas Svoboda says:

    Aleksandra. i hear you from Prague and i understand.
    Yes, you on Maidan are better at advancing these universal values than most people in West Europe.
    Nevertheless in my eyes these still are the honorable European values that you and we can together refer to.
    Keep up the fight! Many of us are with you helping in any way we can imagine or at least being furious with you.

  5. You’re so right… As an EU citizen myself I feel ashamed. Our politicians seem unable to do anything but talk, and keep talking, but no action whatsoever.

    I’m Spanish and I’m sorry to say that citizens here are not very receptive to your struggle. You’re just too far away and they don’t understand you. They still think you just want to be in the EU.
    As for me – I wish a was an Ukrainian so I could be proud of it.
    But I’m not, so I just can be proud of having a great friendship with very nice and strong ukrainians.

    You – Ukrainians, and all eastern Europe, are the future. The new Europe.
    We, the old Europe, are slowly dying in steps like this one.

    Stay strong!

  6. Well thank you a few kind words. I ll not flame. BUT — Yes EU politician joined at the 11th hour. Are they responsible for this no. Ukrainian people elected Yanukovych. Ukrainian people did not move when the constitution was changed. The situation went rotting and rotting. Now, EU help. Frankly without EU, there would be Russian tanks everywhere between Kiev and Ternopil. So please do not get too high on the “ego boost” and get back to earth.

    • Ana says:

      You don’t know what you are talking about. The people do not chose or elected Yanukovych. It’s all lie, since the begining. Those people fight for their rights and dignity! Using their own blood. You think it’s so simple to bit russian influence and cheated goverment?
      You’re wrong.. Here nothing is like it looks like. They need to be in EU, to protect their ukrainian-world.
      Ann from Poland

  7. Valentin says:

    I’m french… and you are right.
    If we have something to say… We go in streets but… “hey, 2 raindrops…” going home. Night is coming ? Going home. It’s cold out there… going home.

    A lot of people are asleep… some stupid values “tomorrow I have to work… I have to pay my house, my car, I don’t have time to care about ideas, about myself…” – Help my neighboor ? Don’t have time, I have to work tomorrow… as if “working” helps us to not being human…

  8. So eloquent and true, your words. I’m Ukrainian American and am so proud of where my family comes from. I try to spread the word, read everything I can, write my senators, do twitterstorrms, going to a rally at the Ukrainian consulate in Chicago on Sunday, but I know it’s not enough. I wish I could do more. I look at the everyday people on the Maidan and love them for their dignity, their peaceable ways, their determination, and for the freedom and justice they want and deserve. Bless all of you and freedom for Ukraine!

  9. Mark Stratford says:

    Alexsandra & Dear Ukrainian friends, a year ago you belonged to a country that most people in the west had never heard of. In our ignorance we thought you were part of Russia, or referred to you as “the Ukraine”. This was not our fault, only that you were not known to us. Today you have earned the respect of the world and shown us who Ukraine is. You judge us harshly Alexsandra. For sure we are comfortable and relatively safe. But Europe nor America created the problems in Ukraine. Your people elected Yanukovich and let these Oligarchs steal your money. Did you expect the EU to send in troops or immediately freeze all assets . In the end the EU worked hard behind the scenes to negotiate some sort of deal. Not perfect for Ukraine but probably the best for the moment. Did we abandon Ukraine, no! Yes for sure we should have acted quicker. But to call us “bloated” or say we pretend to be “very important guys” is not correct. You fight for freedom and democracy and the chance to live in a country without so much corruption. You want what we have and insult us for having this. I too have travelled a lot and within the last 10 years I have spent a lot of time in Ukraine. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to understand Ukrainian culture and values and I have made many friends (even married one). I know exactly what you mean but you are not helping. Ukrainian people are proud, direct and honest but now you must learn diplomacy. Export your culture because it is a strength, but do not attack others because they are different.
    I am from Great Britain, I have supported Ukraine against the criminal government. I have been involved in Twitter Storms and raising awareness of what is happening in Ukraine. I have contacted the media and tirelessly spent my time campaigning for Ukrainian people. Not all of us are sitting on our bloated arses drinking our eco wine and supporting Oligarchs. Use your intelligence and passion to educate people rather than insult them.

  10. Carl says:

    Aleksandra, Your letter to the world brought tears to my eyes. I am an older American who has been aware of your struggle for some time now. I have seen how the Soviets crushed any people seeking freedom and I have seen how the European countries (read, Banks) have sat on their asses not caring as long as their wealth kept growing. The European people are fat and happy but always demanding more from their leaders. They do not want to work as long as they are fed, get everything given to them and care about no one because “life is good”. They do not yet realize that the price of the so-called good life is a loss of their freedom to the Socialist agenda. We, here in America are falling under the same spell, giving up our freedoms to big government and big banks “for the greater good” of Socialist equality. The majority of Americans are just like their European counterparts, fat and happy little pigs being led to slaughter. When they finally wake up to what is happening, it will be too late. There are some who stand with you, at least in our hearts, and pray for you but I am afraid that nothing will happen until we, too, in large numbers take to the streets in peaceful protest. Another thing I have seen is that when the people, in vast numbers, stop working and take to the streets and remain there long enough, the government will fall. Perhaps peacefully, perhaps after much bloodshed but fall it will. One important thing in the struggle is on which side does the military stand? In America many, but not yet enough, are ready and can only hope that our heroes in uniform will choose to stand with the people when the times. Better yet if their commanders were to stand with the people and lead the way. The world is watching and you are in our thoughts and prayers.

    • Yuliya says:

      Dear Alexandra, talking about Russia you are throwing so much mud in the face of many Russians living currently in Ukraine. And not only, when would you stop to generalise people and nationalities. Personally , I would be afraid to have a chance of meeting you once. So much hate and anger I reed in between the lines.

  11. Claus Weber says:

    Italy has great food, Germany has great cars, Poland has great sausages and, well, Ukraine seems to have the most courageous civilians in Europe. I guess that is much more valuable.

    P.S.: nevertheless, after the revolution, Ukrainian should definitely improve the quality of their cheese products!

  12. Jonas says:

    The riots we sometimes have in western Europe are to perhaps 99% spoiled brats grabbing for attention, not common people fighting for their freedom.

    I hope one day the whole world gets to be like us in that aspect!

  13. Nicolas Raphael says:

    A great testimony and a bitter truth for western european realpolitik and aslept citizens

  14. Michał says:

    I’m very happy, that you won this war for freedom, but remember: DON’T TRUST EU! They are bandits! They want only yours money. At the beginning they give you some money to “you have better life”. It’s not truth. Our two countries are in hard position geographic: You are near Russia, we Are near Germany. But their force is too little for kill values living in our hearts! Show them the middle finger!
    Ps. 1: Fact, that history diveded our nations was caused wars…. Wars begun by Germany (today EU) and Russia (then USSR). Don;t forget about it!
    Ps.2 In european TVs all the time show situation on Ukraine, but reason this isn’t call to compassion people in Europe. At the same time in our parliaments vote on laws, which everyday steal us and they nothing say about it!

    Polish people (not politicians) are with you!

    • Tomas Svoboda says:

      Deepest disagreement for Michal From Prague. EU is built on compassion and strives for good though it makes many mistakes.
      Ukrainians, come to EU and help make it even better.

  15. Alice Popescu says:

    Dear Aleksandra,

    I’m Romanian and I hear the voice of your country. As Eastern European, can understand deeply what it means to fight in the street for freedom and dignity. Democracy doesn’t mean the right of people to choose a dictator. Please be aware that your fight is not over once because your dictator is out. Please be aware to not make the same mistake like us in 1989.

    We are happy for Ukraine, we admire your courage and how you slapped heavy corruption. We can understand what’s going on there, because the similar reasons have led the Romanian Revolution and overthrow the dictatorship. People from my country died in December 1989 for the same human values. We are with you. Good luck and take care!

    Our revolution was stolen, the Ceusescu followers transformed our freedom in a new form of slavery. Our Revolutions was thwarted by petty political interests, which are always the same: money, resources , spheres of influence and military power. In 1990 in Romania our new communist president Ion Iliescu has decided that it is right near proximity to Russia than Europe and called the miners to Bucharest to beating and kill students from the University Square, only because they do not to succumb our Revolution to communists with human faces. Don’t let your politicians to do something like that with your revolution! Look for future leaders among those who fought in the street, not among old politicians who have already tasted the “power potion” and are messy. Politicians will be able to steal your freedom again. Do not let EU , U.S. or Russia, politicians or diplomats (doesn’t matter nationality) to influence people decisions. Only your leaders can make decisions in the name of your freedom…

    Unfortunately, it is not easy to solve the situation in your country because other big countrys have interests there, as I said… money, resources, influence and military power. In looking at the majority of nations under the influence of the EU, one could easily come to the conclusion that joining this organization would be a disaster: Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Ireland… Do they really want that? Even France and England are dropping like rocks. Europe needs the Ukraine’s resources along with access for western military. Maybe Victoria Nuland have some reasons to disrespect Europe. In the other hand, don’t trust nobody how can transform your country in a future battlefield. EU, US, UN, NATO and Russia offer nothing of value in return to Ukraine!

    I understand why you feel and why Ukrainians are disappointed about the Europe. My country is treated as a third world country, although it joined the EU in 2007 and is a NATO member. The citizens of my country doesn’t have the same rights in Europe as other EU citizens, we are not in Schengen; we are only a market for foreign products etc.

    But for the moment the future of your country is in your hands. Ukrainians must have only one concern – how to protect this freedom and dignity against politicians, against imposters (doesn’t matter nationality) specialized in political mess? Good Luck and take care of you Ukrainians.

  16. says:

    I love the Ukraine and it’s people. But don’t think you are any better people then others. We all are wicked sinful people – fallen sins ‘Genesis 3’.
    I’m really impressed how the Ukraine was able to have such a peaceful revolution – and I’m seriously happy and proud of you guys.

    But don’t be to proud, humanity has 3 basic longings:
    1.) striving after Power over others. 2.) striving after Sex. 3.) striving after Money.

    It all comes down to this – all evil things happening in the world are because of these, 3 desires. And also in the Ukraine people with selfish motives are on the streets, like everywhere else.

    There is only one way to overcome our wicked human nature..

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