Letter of truth from a Ukrainian for all English-speaking friends all over the world


So here’s a letter of truth from a Ukrainian for all my English-speaking friends all over the world.

Our president and his parliament are criminals. Yanukovych is a twice-convicted felon, who surrounded himself with killers and criminals in law. Our police are worse than fascists. They are divided into Policemen and “Berkut” – the most cruel special department, aimed to exterminate by any means anyone against the regime. They catch people and torture them in the fields, cut off their ears and crucify them. They throw stun grenades at peaceful citizens from the rooftops, shoot people in the eyes with bullets and beat up already wounded men in the hospitals. They also made people take of all of their clothes in the -20 temperature and took pictures with naked captives. Berkut says they came to Kyiv for a good hunt. We, peaceful citizens of Ukraine fighting for democracy, are prey for Yanukovych’s “Berkut” dogs. 

The struggle is so severe, because Putin decided he is an almighty king of all the post-Soviet countries and like Sauron would like “to rule them all, to find them, to bring them all and in the darkness bind them”. Therefore he payed Yanukovych 15 billion dollars not to join the EU and to kill democracy in Ukraine. Moreover, he has sent army criminals to torture ukrainian activists in the fields and ammunition for ukrainian killer-police.

We had a peaceful protest in the central street of our capital Kyiv. A protestor’s “camp” on  Independence Square, Maidan. Our demands are (shortly) – the president’s resignation and a new constitution. The protest was the most peaceful protest that has ever taken place in the world history. But the government hired street outlaws and payed them 20 dollars per day to beat up people in the streets, burn down the cars and start fights as if they were us, to give the police a reason to shoot back and say “they have started it first”.

The major fight happened yesterday. The fascist police started killing people and exterminating the protestor’s camp Maidan. Central Kyiv is on fire, like it was during Hitler times. Kyiv is closed down for entry, the subway is also shut down. The police try to stop Ukrainians from all the other cities to come to Kyiv for help, but people are still coming. Kyivans bring food, medicine and warm clothes to the central protestants camp, that has been partly burnt yesterday. Old people are gathering stones to throw at police. Protests are massive, all over the country. Prosecutors’ offices are being burnt down in the eastern Ukraine, regional administrations are being seized by desperate people. The police has set on fire a building with 40 people and protestor’s food in it on purpose and didn’t let the firemen extinguish the fire.

USA and Europe don’t help us at all, only do the diplomatic talking. We are left alone, fighting in blood for democracy and our dignity. When Putin decided to bind Ukraine he forgot that we are a fucking crazy nation, who will never be defeated. We have never had a king to rule us and can’t be tamed. We have fought for our independence since forefathers. And we are the last chance of all the post soviet countries to stand for their freedom. We are the last hope of Belarus and Georgia.

This is happening right now. I am telling you. The criminal regime tries to kill democracy and all democrats in Ukraine! Our police and our president – are the major enemies of the Ukrainian people. Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe. People are dying for national freedom here. Not literally, but actually. More than 25 people dead, thousands injured. Everything that you have seen in the “Brave Heart” movie is taking place in Ukraine right now.

So tell everyone, let the whole world know – WE ARE FIGHTING FOR DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM and NATIONAL DIGNITY WITH OUR LIVES !!! They can take our lives, but they can’t take our freedom. We are not afraid to die, we are afraid to live like slaves under bloody regime of Putin’s dictatorship!

Source: FB

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17 Responses to Letter of truth from a Ukrainian for all English-speaking friends all over the world

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  2. DeeKay says:

    What a load of pathetic crap… Thanks, but no, we’ve all seen the pictures of Swoboda-Nazis wreaking havoc, and also the old grannies making molotov cocktails for them! Surely all paid for by Yanukovic… rrright….

    • Pavlo says:

      Since you obviously have no knowledge of what’s going on in Ukraine you should just keep your obnoxious little comments to yourself.

  3. Peter Dossenbach says:

    The western politician are terrible cowards, only interestet at economical relations, fearing czar Putin. Diplomatic talking can never help the people in Ukraine. So I can only hope, the the citizen in the Ukraine have the power to stand the resistance to bring up their Land to a real democracy.
    Peter Dossenbach, Switzerland

  4. Iwan Kharitonov says:

    Tomorrow in Brussels will European Parliament decide about intervention in Ukraine! Yet no one can see what’s going on? Ukraine has long been spread through Europe and the U.S.. Now they really go into action each Their share of Ukraine to award. Become awake, good people! It has long been planned yet and well paid. I’m really sorry for murdered for nothing people … Sad …

  5. What are your demands? What is your post revolution plan? What is your long term vision? Do you have a leader you can unite behind? Are you anticipating for revolution hackers who are waiting just around the corner after you die for your cause? From an Egyptian who lived the dream of the 2011 revolt in Tahrir Square (the original Maidan) and woke up on a nightmare. We had no plan. We just wanted the regime ousted. Guess what? After a hijack now the regime is back. Stronger than ever. If you are prepared to die for your cause, Just know that the day this revolt would end, it is only the beginning.

  6. The testimony of a french citizen, carrying for ukrainians and apologizing for EU weakness :

    There are some days like that, you wake up and you want to vomit.

    The actions of the Yanukovych’s regime do not surprise me : what else could we expect from such a criminal regime of liars and stealers ? The actions of the ukrainian’s people do not surprise me either : after all, what else could they do but fight against such a dictator.

    What really makes me sick in fact is the way we behave, we : “Europe”, we : the “free” world…

    Since 3 months ukrainains have tried to express peacefully their rights for freedom and choosing their own future. Since 3 months, all they had from their “gouvernment” are provocations, violence, kidnappings, torturings, humiliations and killings !

    Since 3 months, we : the old and cozy Europe, have made statements after statements saying the same bullshit, over and over : maybe, one day, we might, eventually, impose sanctions. But who cares about it now ? People are dying ! What Ukraine needs now is much more.

    Stephan Fuele was saying 2 days ago that EU is ready to act. Really ? When ? Is next statement going to ask “urgently” Yanukovych to ressurect the deads ?

    It seems that Nuland was right after all : “Fuck EU” !

    Even a 5 years old’s child could understand that this gouvernment is obviously a group of criminals, a mafia regime of murderers that should be brought to the International Court of La Haye under crime against humanity. And this should be done by force ! Because force is the only language they understand.

    Even a 5 years old’s child could understand that this governement has never been ready to negociate neither during 2 years with EU, neither now when they ambushed yesterday protesters in order to kill them.

    Even a 5 years old’child could understand that behind it lies the nasty smell of Putin and his megalomaniac desire to restore USSR 2.0. The USSR of Joseph Stalin, a 25 million murderer in which 6 to 8 million of ukrainians died during 1933’s Holodomor (the biggest genocide of history, not even in war time).

    We talk a lot of Hitler but, compared to Stalin, Hitler was a boyscout ! At least, Germany paid the price and apologized for its awfull past. Russia never did ! And Putin, a former KGB agent, is the heir of this macabre history…

    And don’t tell me we are not allowed to interfere in Ukraine’s domestic affairs while obvious proofs shows how Russia is interfering : blackmailing with money, politically threatening, economically restricting and so called “ukrainians police officers” wearing russian flags and IDs torturing and shooting at demonstrators with live ammunition…

    What are we waiting for ? Is it so difficult to :

    – freeze all assets of the Yanukovych’s regime in Europe ? We already have all the infos…

    – arrest all ukrainians officials and their family in Europe ? We already know where they are…

    – send UN troops to protect citizens of Ukraine against those barbarians ? Isn’t it the purpose of UN ?

    Did we became that stupid, hypocrits or cowards ?

    Whatever is the answer : we are guilty. Guilty of letting Yanukovych mafia regime to act the way it does. For God’s sake, members of Berkut are going to hospital to kidnap wounded people !! They are beating to death innocent civilians, old, young, men, women…

    We are guilty to allow Sotchi’s Olympic Games of Shame, both an ecological and human disaster while Putin iron fist is exterminating ukraine’s culture. Do we realise that the russian regime is just spitting on our face ?

    Yes, today I feel sick, sick of being european…

    I am sorry Ukraine, so sorry. Please forgive us. We are betraying you, we are letting you dying and, doing it, we are betraying ourself too. I feel slaved, slaved as you feel from a system that threaten your dignity.

    Shame on us, all of us. Shame on EU.

    With Ukraine, it’s not only a hope that is dying, it’s all the european dream. If we let this happens, Europe is dead : the Europe of after WWII, the Europe of people, fraternity and peace…

    There is only one place in Europe where freedom means something today and this place is in Ukraine, at Maidan.

    If we do not save Ukraine from Yanukovych and Putin, we are doomed and I hope this war will come on us too. We don’t deserve anything better.

    If I could I wish I could be right now with my ukrainian’s brothers and sisters in Maidan, fighting with them against Evil, suffering with them for freedom and, if I have to, dying with them, not like a slave, but like a free man.

    In 1789, we made the French Revolution. It has been a bloodbath too. All armies of european countries of that time united to crush us and almost succeeded. But the people stand and fight and finally won.

    Dear ukrainians, arm yourself, attack this police that betrayed you, take their weapons, burn their vehicules, shoot to kill your enemies : all of them. This regime do not want to stop or arrest you, this regime want to slave or kill you.

    You don’t need Yanukovych resignation anymore, you don’t even need to put him in jail. What you need now is to take him and all his friends and hang them in public. We did it with our king a long time ago because it’s the only way to behave with despots.

    I know it’s sad. This regime has declared war against you, its own people. It was planned since the begining I guess because none of them are ukrainians, they are just traitors to the Nation. A lot of people will died, a lot of innocents. But neither Yanukovych and his mafia clan, neither Putin and his megalomaniac dreams of “great” russia can win against you : the people of Ukraine.

    I fear you are alone in this fight but I pray to be wrong.

    Glory to Ukraine !
    Glory to its Heroes !

    May God be with you.

  7. KK says:

    Half of this is lies.

  8. Yuri Mencinsky says:


    Yuri Mencinsky

  9. Iman says:

    We are praying for you. you are on our minds.

  10. Richard says:

    I don´t want anyhow deny things happening in Ukraine, because I am sure, that we have no idea what is going on… but that is the point, we have no idea what is going on. This “letter” feels to me very manipulating and very biased and very well written – conctructed-like to have the biggest impact. After I watched this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=2q4TaZyKv3Y I realized, that both civilians and the police are just the victims of those who are pulling the strings (probably from both sides, West and East). We should find out, that first, Slavic countries should stick together (I am from Czech Republic and also I am talking about people and culture, not political aspects) and second, that we are all members of big family called “humankind” living at home called “Earth” and we are all connected, so this is very sad “misunderstanding” of, like, everything. Hopefully this will end soon…

  11. Tatiana says:

    Many people still don’t see the trues. I agree with this article. I am Russian and can say too, corruption is everywhere, I observed years ago and I know still now its still there. I hope Ukrainian people will change something,I know people get killed, and its very devastating for friends in Ukraine, but may be it will bring big change. Lets hope..Hope same thing for Russia, big change too..

  12. AD says:

    Ukraina, mi za vas molimsya! from CA

  13. I see the limited media video’s of those brave people fighting their oppressors and I don’t see the neo nazi’s and ruffians …I see plain people…many young ones who grew up without mother russia owning them. When you finish with these corrupt oppressors, string them up publically like Musolini, put the fear in the rest of them who are spread out like a growing cancer in the rest of the world.

  14. Tricia says:

    I will share this and teach my children. I know it is not much but as a mother on the other side of the world it’s all I can think to do. There are so many evil regimes in the world and I honour those citizens that will not cowar to them. I will do my best to encourage interest in my country’s leaders as I do believe in being my brother’s keeper. Please stay strong

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