EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT RESOLUTION on the situation in Ukraine

European Parliament adopted resolution on situation in Ukraine

On Thursday, 6 February, the European Parliament adopted resolution on situation in Ukraine.

The resolution condemns violence against “peaceful citizens, journalists, students, civil society activists, opposition politicians and clergy” in Ukraine.

In this regard, it calls on EU institutions and member states “to take immediate action, including increased diplomatic pressure and the introduction of personalised targeted measures (travel ban and asset and property freezes) with regard to all those Ukrainian officials and legislators and their business sponsors (oligarchs) who are responsible for the crackdowns on and deaths of protestors.

The document also calls “to step up efforts to stop money laundering and tax evasion by Ukrainian companies and businesspeople in European banks.”

MEPs encourage the EU, the US, the IMF, the World Bank, the EBRD and the EIB to “prepare a long-term package of concrete financial support to help Ukraine tackle its worsening financial and social situation and provide economic support to launch the necessary deep and comprehensive reforms of the Ukrainian economy by the government.”

The European Parliament is also concerned over excessive use of violence by the security forces and the Titushki. It demands that President Viktor Yanukovych cease the deployment of Berkut riot police and other security forces in “provoking, kidnapping, harassing, torturing, beating and humiliating supporters of the EuroMaidans, as well as arbitrary arrests and over-extended pre-trial detentions.”

MEPs ask the European Parliament’s Conference of Presidents to establish a permanent mission of MEPs in Ukraine as soon as possible, “with a view to defusing tension and facilitating dialogue between the parties.”

Moreover, they call on Russia “to stop retaliatory measures and undue pressure aimed at undermining the sovereign right of its neighbours freely to determine their future.”

The resolution also recalls EU’s readiness to sign an Association Agreement, including deep and comprehensive free trade area deal, with Ukraine as soon as the political crisis is overcome and the relevant requirements are met as defined by the Foreign Affairs Council of 10 December 2012 and supported by Parliament’s resolution of 13 December 2012.

More information:
Full text of the European Parliament resolution on situation in Ukraine:

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