Medics of Euromaidan: An ideal health care system has been created here

Euromaidan PR

Bribes are not taken here and no one demands that you bring your own bandages. Doctors volunteering on Maidan have organized a health care system that is impossible to find in state hospitals. Mornings are spent attending lectures; evenings and weekends – taking shifts in the medical tent on Maidan where first aid is given to the activists.  A second-year student of the National Medical University named after Bohomolets has been living on this schedule for two months. He says he is tired because of all the sleepless nights, exams and the frost. However, he’s not going to quit what he has started. He assists a doctor who takes care of patients in a tent on Maidan, bandages the injured and takes shifts on the barricades at Hrushevskiy street together with other medical colleagues. He says during this time he has had to provide aid for people with critically high…

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