MEP REBECCA HARMS: Azarov, Arbuzov and Kluyev have Austrian passports


Tuesday, 4 February 2014, 15:11
Original in Ukrainian on the Ukrainska Pravda website:   

Serhiy Arbuzov, Andriy Kluyev and Mykola Azarov have Austrian passports, said co-chairman of the “Green” group and “EFA” in the European Parliament, Rebecca Harms, during a speech in Strasbourg.

“Azarov, Arbuzov and Kluyev – those responsible for the violence and terror in Ukraine – have Austrian passports and are free to travel the EU. They are free to leave the country, while it is their responsibility for the violence in Ukraine. This is what we learned from our Austrian colleagues”, said Harms.

She called on the EU to implement sanctions against officials responsible for violence against participants of peaceful protests in Ukraine.

“Limiting their entry into the EU is what Ukrainian people require. A very strict visa regime should be implemented for these persons. In addition, it is necessary to facilitate the issuing of permits for entry into the EU for ordinary citizens, as now this is a rather complicated process for them,” said Harms.

—-(Harms video in Ukrainian on original source here)—–


Note that, under the law, a citizen of Ukraine can not, at the same time, be a citizen of another country. Article 19 of the Law “On Citizenship of Ukraine” refers to the fact that “the voluntary acquisition of a citizenship of another country by a Ukraine national of another state at the time of such entry, he came of age” is grounds for loss of citizenship of Ukraine.

As reported by Austrian media, the former Prime Minister Mykola Azarov immediately after resignation went to Austria on a private jet. Now Azarov supposedly located in Vienna, at his son’s, and plans to stay there for longer.

Earlier, Ukrainian Pravda wrote that Azarov’s son has a residence permit in Austria.
At the same time, the Party of Regions criticized the leader of the opposition UDAR Party, Vitali Klitschko, for alleged possession of a residence permit in Germany and the USA.

In addition, 24 October 2013 a majority voted for an amendment that the person who has the right of permanent residence in a foreign country shall be deemed not to live in Ukraine. This may prevent Klitschko from taking part in presidential elections.

On Wednesday , February 5 , European Parliament intends to consider the situation in Ukraine at a plenary session . On Thursday, February 6, following the results of the debate, MEPs plan to adopt a special resolution on the Ukrainian crisis. In addition, next week in Brussels they will host a meeting of foreign ministers, which will also discuss the situation in Ukraine.



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