Journalists’ resistance in Ukraine: protests against censorship, dictatorship and mass beating: infographics


Journalists in almost all regions of Ukraine have risen to protest against the «dictatorial laws» and mass beatings of their colleagues. This is the result of a research carried out by the Institute of Mass Information together with Centre UA.

Specifically, in 20 of the 24 regions, journalists carried out rallies, urging colleagues from other regions to join them. Since January 17, journalists held 17 pickets of local governments, which were attended by over a thousand journalists across the country.


Media and journalists’ organizations have issued 22 statements and proclamations, which were signed by a total of at least three thousand journalists.

In five cities, some media and journalists joined and declared strikes and boycotts of local authorities. In particular, in Lutsk, 54 journalists from 19 media, together with freelancers, said they will no longer be a «platform for PR» for some officials and entire government agencies. In Zaporizhzya, eight web-sites joined forces and announced a strike against censorship. In Ivano-Frankivsk, journalists announced a news boycott to the local authorities and the local police. In Melitopol and Chernivtsi, media came out with white pages as a symbol of strike against the censorship and beatings. In addition, nationwide websites mass placed information banners «No — Censorship No — the dictatorship!».

Infographics by Vadim MISKYICHESNO Movement.

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