Hrushevskoho Street Protester Dies from Gunshot Wound

January 29, 2014  22:12
Translated by Olia Knight

thumbnail-20140129221413nAn activist with gunshot wounds brought to a hospital from Hrushevskoho Street in Kyiv has died, according to a source at As reported, two protesters with gunshot wounds had been brought to the hospital, a young man and an older man. According to the information obtained, the older of the two men passed away.

Today, the “UDAR” political party MP of Kyiv Council, Oleksiy Davydenko, announced that overnight two protesters with gunshot wounds were brought from Hrushevskoho Street. According to Davydenko, this information was relayed to “UDAR” from reliable sources.

Davydenko stated that two men were brought to Hospital #17 in Kyiv. “The men were officially hospitalized and received medical help,” said Davydenko.

He emphasized that the government was responsible for the provocation to escalate the situation in Kyiv. “On the one hand, the government says that it is holding negotiations on a peaceful resolution of the situation, on the other hand, shootouts of the protesters are taking place. We demand that the police stop using weapons against people during times when all sides are working together to find a way out of this conflict,” stated Oleksiy Davydenko.

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