Euromaidan Now Has A “People’s Hospital” Equipped with Defibrillators and Oxygen Station. (Photos).

Euromaidan’s “People’s Hospital” has emerged with the help of thousands of people. 

January 29, 2014
Translated by Olia Knight
Source: Please see slide show in link for further photos

“People’s Hospital” is a decentralized structure that provides field brigades and hospitals with medical equipment, materials, instruments, medications, protective gear, uniforms and basic necessities.

7c61780-300“People’s Hospital” includes a hospital on Zhovtnevy Prospect, medical bases on #1 and #4 Hrushevskoho St., field brigades, a medical base in Ukrainian House, as well as a Red Cross.

According to Roman Zinchenko’s Facebook wall post, “People’s Hospital” now has everything needed for comprehensive medical help.

In particular, defibrillators and no-shadow surgical lighting, electrocardiographs and pulse oximeters, an oxygen station and mechanical ventilator, wheelchairs for patients and IV machine stands, hospital sterilizers and sterilizer liquids, ballistic glasses and bulletproof vests (remember the story how medics were shot at with rubber bullets), UFO infrared heaters and disposable shoe covers, over a hundred types of medications, hygienic essentials, etc. a6586f7-hospital29

Besides, “medications arrive from across Ukraine from Lviv to Kharkiv, Chernihiv to Odessa and the Crimea to save and offer medical help to those in need in the heart of Kyiv.”

The arrival of this “hospital” is an example of unbelievable self-organization by Ukrainians; the volunteers say that it is impossible to determine “when the idea about the hospital was born.” Basically, a few Euromaidan activists met at a pharmacy by accident… 9d6a41f-mediki12

“On Wednesday, after the shootings started and there were victims on Hrushevskoho, my friends and I decided to open Twitter and Yandex wallet to collect money for medications, as well as start posting on Facebook about our idea,”, notes Darya Krikunova, one of the activists.

“We immediately went to the pharmacy to buy medications from the Facebook list. While we moved boxes of medications out of the pharmacy, Roman Zinchenko stood behind us in the line. We started talking, exchanged our numbers, he was the first person to join our project,” says Dasha.

Besides Darya, the project was started by Roman Zinchenko, Oleksandra Dubicheva, Antonina Yurchenko and Anastasiya Polinkova.

“For me personally, the project kicked off on December 1, when I asked my Russian friends for money to buy a 20-liter electric teakettle for Maidan. According to the report from January 29, over 2,000 people from 14 countries sent us the money,” notes Oleksandra Dubicheva, an activist with “People’s Hospital.”

“The smallest donation we received was 17 Hryvnyas ($2.01) sent from a town in Donetsk region. An owner of an investment fund brought the largest donation to October Palace (now the International Center of Culture and Arts on Instytutska Street). We bought a defibrillator, a cardiograph and an oxygen station with that money,” says Dubicheva. f79b162-hospital3

“We have coordinators with whom we work, and then there are people neither we nor the coordinators know personally, but who helped and continue to make sure the hospital runs smoothly. They are financial donors, people who buy medications, equipment, and protective gear,” says Antonina Yurchenko.

She adds that she trusts every one of her new colleagues 200 per cent, “My trust is absolutely irrational, since I did not know these people personally until last week. I only talked to them by Internet.” 5cdfb06-hospital24

Volunteering to Save Oneself

Her colleague at “People’s Hospital” Sasha Dubicheva says that before January 19 she helped with the daily needs of Maidan (loading wood, building materials, and such).

“My inner aggression forced me to concentrate on medicine. I was trying to channel my emotions: instead of feeling sick and afraid, I decided to do some good and bring happiness to others,” she adds.

Dasha Krikunova says that she also “gives it all to volunteering,” “because I cannot sit still and read the news, I will go mad, so being busy helps.”

Photo: Yulia Kochetova

Photo: Yulia Kochetova

Roman Zinchenko concludes, “If our community was ready to start a medical facility from scratch, finance it through communal donations and supply it at a level higher than most of the district hospitals (doctors say that our hospital will soon be better equipped than regional hospitals), then we are probably ready for the birth of a new Republic.” 352d77a-mediki79

“Maybe we will go further and start schools, universities, self-governing bodies, banks, civil protection units – and we will finally understand that our country can become what we want it to be,” argues the activist.

Ukrayinska Pravda.


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