SERGIY HADZHYNOV latest Avtomaidan victim in Cherkassy

Despite today’s posturing by the regime, apparently seeking to achieve compromise to please the media and Western politicians, on the ground repressions continue unabated. AutoMaidan is once again in its sights.

One their organizers SERGIY HADZHYNOV has been sentenced to two months in jail by a court in Cherkassy (city in central Ukraine).

Hadzhynov stated: I was hit twice on the head by a Berkut officer and thrown in the police van. I had actually approached him myself to find out what was happening. I was not involved in the siege [of the regional administration]. I was across the street. We were holding a peaceful protest by creating an Automaidan chain.

Hadzhynov was captured by police on the 27th of January in Cherkassy, where he and other Avtomaidan members arrived that day to support the Euromaidan movement. Seven Avtomaidan cars have reportedly also been smashed. SOURCE: |PR NEWS

Sergey Hadzhinov, Avtomaidan activist

Sergiy Hadzhynov, Avtomaidan activist

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