“Exclamation mark!” – Who kills Maidan activists and why?

JANUARY, 28, 16:01
Source: VIDEO LINK EMBEDDED HERE PLEASE WATCH http://tvi.ua/new/2014/01/28/znak_oklyku_khto_i_yak_vbyvaye_aktyvistiv_maydanu



The journalists of “Exclamation mark!” investigate the most ominous secret of the current Ukrainian revolution



At present, the violent deaths of Sergey Nigoyan, Mihaylo Zhyznevskiy and Ruslan Senyk have been officially confirmed; all of them were shot under different circumstances, with different bullets from different weapon. Yuriy Verbytskyi who was kidnapped from hospital was beaten, tortured and left frozen in the forest. Who is executing all these extrajudicial punishments? Law enforcement officials who blew a gasket? Or secret assassination squads specially recruited for such raids?


“Exclamation mark!” journalist Tetiana Shustrova on the victims of Maidan:

01:00 VITALIY SAKAL, the first vice-head of the Main investigative department of the MIA of Ukraine:

– The MIA of Ukraine confirms two facts of deaths regarding the participants of mass protests in Kyiv. Experts have determined that both young men died of gunshot wounds.


20-year-old Sergey Nigoyan had three wounds: one nonpenetrating – in the head – stopped by the helmet. But two other wounds – in the breast – were penetrating and lethal. In a shocking video that journalists of “Exclamation mark!” managed to find evidence that the young man was shot by lead shots or buck shots, apparently, from smooth-bore arms. Here are the remains. And 25-year-old Mihaylo Zhiznevskyi died from the perforating gunshot wound in the breast from a rifle weapon. The bullet struck his heart, went right through, but its flight path evidences that the gunner shot from above, from the right.


Now there are no military actions on Hrushevskogo St. It is easy to communicate with people and see who does what. Then, on the night of the storming, when people threw grenades, bottles with inflammable mixtures and one could hear gunfire, there was complete turmoil in the crowd. Now, it is hard to say with certainty, whether Zhiznevskyi and Nigoyan were shot intentionally or accidentally. Moreover, no witnesses have been found.


The examination has to determine yet, from which weapon and with which bullets Nigoyan and Zhiznevskyi were killed. However, the MIA has already dissociated itself from these deaths.

02:35 VITALIY SAKAL, the first vice-head of the Main investigative department of the MIA of Ukraine:

 The bullets which inflicted physical harm to both dead persons are not adopted by the ministry’s units and are not used by police. Besides, policemen and military personnel of interior troops who perform civil order protection duties stand there without service fire weapons.


The Cabinet of Ministers also placed the responsibility for murders on the Maidan activists.

02:52 MYKOLA AZAROV, the Prime Minister of Ukraine:

 As the Prime Minister of Ukraine, I officially state that the victims, which we, unfortunately, already have, lie on the conscience of the organizers and certain activists of mass unrest.


Sergey Nigiyan was not a terrorist, say the fellow villagers of the young Armenian from Bereznavutivka village in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

03:10 (Neighbour)

 It is a terrible pity, such a good boy. He liked radio engineering, soldered a bit. Such a nice quiet child. And his family is nice, too.


Sergey’s father does not believe the slander. Nobody saw any extremist dispositions in the boy’s behaviour.

03:35 GARIK NIGOYAN, father of the dead protester Sergey Nigoyan:

– We had a very harsh attitude towards it since the first day. But he did not listen, “No, I’ll go there.” I asked, “What for?” He said, “I stand for no one. I am on my own, I stand for myself.” I called him, asked, if somebody forced him? He denied, said that nobody forced him.


As Sergey himself said in the interview to one TV channel, he came to Maidan guided by his heart.

03:57 SERGEY NIGOYAN, protester (video in a few days before death):

 I couldn’t quietly react to “Berkut” beating students. The same citizens, students, as I am. To hold on to death, notwithstanding blood, it doesn’t matter. I’ll personally come, I am ready.


Did Sergey know that his words would be prophetic? And that he would be the first to give his life in the Ukrainian people’s struggle for a better future?…

04:24 SERGEY NIGOYAN, protester (video, a few days before death):

 Keep fighting—you are sure to win!

God helps you in your fight!

For fame and freedom march with you, 

And right is on your side! [recites a poem by Taras Shevchenko]


The dead Byelorussian Mihaylo Zhiznevsky came to Ukraine from Gomel. He lived and worked in Kyiv and Bila Tserkva. He was a member of the radical organisation UNA-UNSO.

04:40 (A confederate of Zhiznevsky):

 He was engaged in guard activity. He actively participated in all confrontations and protected peaceful protesters against the abuse of power by “Berkut”.


Mihaylo’s relatives are sure that he was killed intentionally, on the order of police officers.

05:01 (A confederate of Zhiznevskyi):

 There is a very little possibility of an accident. Because it was a direct fire shot at the heart; not every sniper can do it. There is a suspicion that it was intended. However, there were no proofs.


This is the tent on Maidan, where Mihaylo lived during the revolution. When Maidan ended for him, the coffin became his last shelter. People bade farewell to Mihaylo on his birthday. A tragic game of digits: on January 26 the boy would have been 26 years old. Thousands of Kyiv residents, in particular famous political and civil leaders, came to give the last honours to Zhiznevsky.

05:37 ANDREY PARUBIY, the people’s deputy of Ukraine:

– Those brutes have nothing sacred in their souls. In the XXIst century on a peaceful protest people are shot with these bullets; then it is not the elected government. They are a gang, they are terrorists.


On January 25, an activist from Lviv died in hospital from gunshot wound: 45-year-old ROMAN SENIUK, wounded during the clashes on the Hrushevskogo St. His lungs were broken; his arm had to be amputated. THE man was in very poor condition and did not come around. He was injured with this bullet; its variant is called a “Blondo,” it was invented during World War II as a means of fighting against automotive equipment and is effective in hunting big game nowadays. At one of the last weapons exhibitions it was clearly noted on the stand: the bullets for special use that are used, in particular, to break locks.


Even more secret deaths of kidnapped activists. One of them – YURIY VERBYTSKYI, a resident of Lviv, a seismologist and a candidate of science. The man was over 50 years old, did not participate in armed confrontations, supported his confederates morally and watched that there were no provocations. He and another activist Yuriy Lutsenko were kidnapped directly from the Zhovtneva hospital, where Yuriy arrived with an eye injury.

06:45 IGOR LUTSENKO, the Euromaidan activist:

– About 10 strong guys came in. I was immediately tied up, beaten and dragged away with him, then put in the black minibus and taken to the forest, driving at great speed. There we were interrogated together, then dragged out to different corners of the forest; and I heard that this Yuriy was pressed a lot.


Lutsenko was cruelly maimed, but Verbytskyi was interrogated with more cynicism, because he was a resident of Lviv. Later Lutsenko was found alive. Verbytskyi was not. Afterwards his dead body was found with tied limbs in the forest belt of the Boryspil district. His friend Roman went to identify the body of the dead.

07:35 ROMAN MIKHANIV, a friend of the dead Yuriy Verbytskyi:

 It is terrible there. I was trembling so much that I couldn’t overcome nervous stress. It is even hard to say in words. The legs were broken by bat, and even the bones were seen on the skin, as the skin was peeled off on the legs. Then, the back was blue, the hands were blue, the face was hurt. On the right side the ribs were broken and protruded from the skin. For a healthy person, as I am, I simply couldn’t stand that.


Roman states that Yuriy was taken away to be murdered, because if they had intended to leave him alive, they would have left him with Lutsenko. In the meanwhile, the official version of the activist’s death was reported to be “exposure to the cold.”

08:10 SERGEY VERBYTSKYI, elder brother of Yuriy Verbytskyi:

 These versions are absolutely absurd, I don’t want to say anything that I don’t know: to threaten, to kill. I think that if a man with injured legs is left in the forest at a temperature of -20°C, do they actually understand that he won’t escape from there?


So, the amount of Maidan victims is continually increasing. While the nationwide revolt is going on, there may be even more victims of the revolution.


 Hero! Hero! Hero! [crowd chanting]

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