Investigations of Tetiana Chornovol

27/12/2013    ТЕКСТИ.ORG.UA
Translated by Elena Tsymbalyuk
Edited by Isis Wisdom

How the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, who imprisoned a Ukrainian Opposition leader and got one of the bloodiest Donetsk gang executioners off the hook, lives (with pictures).

It’s already been more than two years since Yulia Tymoshenko, the leader of the Ukrainian Opposition, has been in prison.

How have these two years been for Victor Yanukovych, who ordered this imprisonment (tree stub exercise course,, marble massage tables, a barcadere [palatial marina] made of red wood, the split-up of state funds through his “Family” network) somehow all this is well-known thanks to journalists. The author of this article has decided to find out how Renat Kuzmin, the Senior Deputy of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine and the organizer of Tymoshenko’s “imprisonment,” has been doing.

We publish one of Tatyana Chornovol’s articles issued on August the 5th 2013. You may read all her investigations from her blogs at Ukrainska PravdaThe author visited the state residences in the Koncha Zaspa area where the Senior Deputy of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine’s private property is located, with the purpose of finding out more about his life style.

In these photographs you can see a “modest house” belonging to the Senior Deputy of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, who devoted his life to service in the state agency. Maybe that was the reason why he did not find the funds to purchase a plot of land at Kyiv market value and why it is surrounded by a high fence and a couple of hectares of state land. But let’s stop speaking ironically, because the scheme to alienate state property was surprisingly cynical.

Originally, Renat Kuzmin, as a very valuable officer of the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine was allocated a “state dacha” [a second home], an old wooden shack. He then made an offer to the State Public Administration office to renovate that building at his own expense. When he received approval from the State Public Administration, Renat Kuzmin erected a mansion. Further still, the State Public Administration, taking into consideration the amount of investment spent for “reconstruction,” then decided to grant a rent remission for living at “Puscha Vodytsya” [“Forest Water”] State Residence, essentially freeing him from rent payments till the end of his life.  Therefore, he received not only a large plot of land in the pinewood forest for free (worth more than 1 million USD) but he is also protected by State Security free of charge and is provided the services of state gardeners and cleaners. For this, Ukrainian tax-payers every year pay 16 million USD to upkeep Puscha Vodytsya.

And most importantly, it is not public property – the palace of Mr. Kuzmin – is not a property of Ukraine anymore, it’s his own private property now. Indeed, according to the agreement the Senior Deputy of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine signed for “Puscha Vodytsya”: “the investor has a right to take ownership of the area around the reconstructed object except for 118 square meters – which corresponds to the area of the object to be reconstructed”. And now please, pay attention! According to the official income declaration of the Renat Kuzmin family, they have in their ownership the estate of 1068 square meters.

But there is nothing to be jealous of, not the house nor the meteoric career of the Prosecutor, nor his riches. For, the more criminal cases he falsifies for “Bankova St.” [the street on which the Presidential Administration buildings are located], the shorter his “leash” becomes. Kuzmin may think that he is “breaking” Yulia Tymoshenko on his own, but in truth, he doesn’t have a choice. He already cannot execute the command, “Go!” Renat Kuzmin signed his life away to lifelong slavery the moment he put his signature on the resolution of the Prosecutor General’s Office to release Givi Nemsadze, the bloody executioner serving the interests of the “Donetsk criminal group” at the end of 90s.
But history clearly shows us how dependent and unprincipled our current Senior Deputy of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine is.

A “bath” under the roof of the GPO will “wash” the blood of even 57 victims.

For the past half year, the author has been highly interested in the case of the Nemsadze criminal gang. She has been receiving documents, which by some miracle were preserved after the criminal case-stripping, and has spoken with relatives of the victims.

In 2005 it was officially declared that the Nemsadze gang was responsible for 57 killings!

Nemsadze, the criminal gang leader, escaped abroad at that time, but some of his killers were arrested and they gave evidence against their Father. However, even while abroad Givi managed to organize the elimination of several conspirators, including firing crew member Tarasov who came to Ukraine from a Russian prison … with a cut throat.

But some members of the gang, who stayed alive, shed light on the circumstances of the deaths of several dozen people who were considered missing. Thanks to their testimonies, the police found evidence of 22 corpses shot, strangled, beaten, slaughtered victims of Nemsadze’s gang, who for years rotted in the ground.

From evidence it becomes clear whose interests Givi’s gang served. For example, Konstantin Yezik (a member of the gang, now deceased) stated during questioning on the 10th of August 2005, that Givi Nemsadze eliminated crime boss Minayluk. This was in the interests of [crime boss] Akhat Bragin. Another member of the gang, Shyhkherimov (nicknamed “the Beast”), testified in detail how Nemsadze’s killing team kidnapped some people of Kushnir, how they were tortured at the cottage in the village of Krasny Partisan and killed after that. The witness explained that it was revenge for an attempt on Renat Ahmetov’s life.

In the photo, a page from the diary of hearings kept by the mother of the murdered Dmitriy Vlasov.

Investigators were able to take from a pond and dig from the earth bags of weapons belonging to Nemsadze gang. There is a note in one of the case files that they found 6 sacks with grenade dischargers and automatic rifles. Witness Alexander Sinyakov testified that those weapons were brought to him in escrow by Givi Nemsadze personally.

There much evidence of the specific cynicism and cruelty of the gang leader. For example, the complainant Alexander Maksimov explained during the court process the reason why Nemsadze killed his partner Oleg Shatalov in the following way, “In the event of conflictual situations, if one turned to Givi for help in solving the conflict, Givi killed. Therefore, many thugs turned to Shatalov for help, and Givi did not like that.”

He enjoyed killing his victims himself. He personally killed Vadym Mishakov and visited his mother after that on Vadym’s thirtieth anniversary. “Could you imagine, Vadym has been laying in the earth for more than half of the year, but his killer came to me and drank to the health of my son”, Mishakov’s mother said.

Givi Nemsadze is somewhere among us now. He is fully exempt from criminal liability, lives in Kyiv and you may meet him suddenly somewhere in the street.

Officially there is not a drop of blood on his hands, thanks to the efforts of Renat Kuzmin, who cleared all that blood.

On 02.08.2010, the Prosecutor General’s Office provided Kyiv regional court of Donetsk with a resolution signed by Renat Kuzmin releasing Givi Nemsadze of criminal charges and a suspension of criminal proceedings against him.

If the prosecution withdraws the charge, a court decision can be foreseen even without taking into consideration political reasons. So, on September 16th, 2010 the court ordered the release of Givi Nemsadze from criminal liability.

How did they succeed in washing out so much blood?

The Prosecutor General’s Office represented by Kuzmin took the position that the leader of the gang was not Givi Nemsadze and didn’t kill anyone personally, but that it was his brother Guram, who very conveniently died of cancer after long-term drug dependence treatment in 2003.

Renat Kuzmin received the order for such falsification and signed it. It does not matter that all 27 volumes of the case that investigators collected featured Givi Nemsadze exclusively and the name of his brother was mentioned only in some minor episodes. Gang members testified against Givi, relatives of the victims testified against Givi, and the Prosecutor General’s office decided that it was Guram.

So as not to be unsubstantiated, the author offers readers some comparable fragments from two official documents, posted at the end of this text, indicating better than any emotions the falsifications of this criminal case.

The first document is dated 2008, and signed by S. Lysnyak, the Senior Prosecutor of Donetsk region.

The second document is a ruling of the Kyiv district court in Donetsk, dated 2010, after consideration of the Prosecutor General’s resolution to discharge Givi Nemsadze from criminal responsibility, which was signed by Renat Kuzmin.

In the first document, only Givi Nemsadze appears as the main person involved in the case, and Guram Nemsadze is in the second case or “a person whose case is identified in a separate proceeding and closed because of death”.

Here below I quote the first document:

“During the interrogation on 04.08.2005, 15.09.05, A. H. Shihkerimov explained that the group was established under the leadership of Givi Dzhvendievich Nemsadze”.

“It was decided to kill their own, Tolebanov. It was Salkov’s responsibility, due to Nemsadze’s order” (volume 22, private affair 180-181).

“After that, when I came closer to the pit I saw that all had already been shoot dead. They had been shoot from 2 TT pistols provided by Givi Nemsadze” (volume 22, private affair 20).

In the text of the criminal case, Prosecutor Lysnyak often uses initials after Nemsadze’s surname, but anyone can be assured from the context that it is about Givi Nemsadze, not Guram. In particular, it follows from the following statement:”Informing about gang members and their responsibility in the gang, A.H.Shihkerimov testified that the closest relationships G.D. Nemsadze had were with O.L. Shatalov and E.A. Artouz, V.N. Mishakov and Guram Nemsadze. G.D. Nemsadze often met these people, had some confidential conversations with them, and was planning the committing of crimes with them.

That means that when Lysnyak writes “G.D. Nemsadze got his pistol PSM out from under his clothing and fired shots in O.L. Shatalov and V.N. Mishakov, he writes about the same Givi Nemsadze.

But in the Prosecutor General’s resolution, signed by Renat Kuzmin and read and agreed with by the court, Givi Nemsadze plays an absolutely different role: he only covers the killings caused by his brother and even tries to save the life of one of his victims.

For example, according to the preliminary materials of the investigation, V.I. Kuras was killed by Givi Nemsadze, but according to the Prosecutor General’s office and court resolution Givi Nemsadze is a hero who saves the victim from his older brother’s terrible anger and takes him away to hospital in a hurry but the man beaten by Guram dies on the way.

In Kuzmin’s view, and thus in the resolution of the court, the murder scene of Shatalov, Mishakov brothers, Filkinshtein and Maksimov is completely altered. If, according to Prosecutor Lysnyak’s documents Givi Nemsadze personally shot two people in his office, one near a grave in the forest, then handed the weapon to members of his gang and forced each of them to shoot first into the living and then into the already dead bodies, then according to the Prosecutor General’s resolution and the resolution of the court, Givi was only an involuntary witness. And those people were shot by Guram (already dead) and Tarasov (already dead).

What could we expect from such judges and prosecutors who serve, not the state, but killers?

By the way, Givi Nemsadze personally appeared in court where the resolution of the Prosecutor General’s Office was considered and Renat Kuzmin signed it. He declared to the court that he completely agreed with the resolution. In fact, this was the same cynical Givi who, without batting an eye, stained the memory of his dead brother with blood spilled by his own hand. But his appearance was absolutely different. The person who stood before the court was not at all like a man with OSA photos [made by the operational investigations officers] – but a slim man of intelligent appearance with grey hear wearing an expensive suit and glasses.

What is his business now? Probably something serious if the current government made so much effort to wash the blood of at least 57 victims from him.

And what can be more serious than raising money for the Family?

Is Nemsadze’s family working for the Family?

Recently Nemsadze’s name resounded within the context of big business. Established in 2011, the company General Investment Resources headed by the son of Givi Nemsaze – Guram Nemsadze, unexpectedly became the owner and manager of 4 Refractory plants (it’s a third of all such plants available in Ukraine [of Ukraine’s capacity in this segment]) as well as raw mining enterprises. Guram Nemsadze became the Chairman of the Board in 2 of those plants.

It’s indicated in some articles that Guram Nemsadze is the owner of these plants, but the author has reasons to believe that it is not an independent business.

Before the “refractory business” Guram Nemsadze worked for a company of his father’s, “Dontehlisprom LLC”. Although that business was profitable enough (all apartments in that apartment building built by them were sold to 2-3 customers at once; there is a serious investigation at one Donetsk website, the profit they gained wasn’t enough for the purchasing of 4 plants and several mines.

The author suspects, that all those refractory plants are actually ruled by the Family. Thus, Nemsadze’s family is working for the pocket of Yanukovych’s Family as manager of one of the segments of the Family’s business.

The reason for this suspicion appeared after an investigation of the company’s operations that had bought those plants.

It was found out, that General Investment Resources (with CEO Nemsadze) has the same legal address as the Donetsk branch of Altera Finance, Closed Joint-Stock company. Moreover, both those companies have the same phone number. Finally, on the internet can be found information that “all efforts to manage GIR assets is taken by Altera Asset Management – a daughter company of Altera Finance”.

Altera Finance is a significant company which has been working for the Family for more than 10 years. It was founded a long time ago by Eduard Prutnik, who at that time was the main person providing Victor Yanukovych with a comfortable life.

So there is no wonder that from Altera Finance the connections between the co-founders and Managing Directors are drawn outwards to a lot of other companies that have become the foundation of a modern Family business.

From this same business nest founded by Prutnik grew “UkrBusinessBank” (which for many years was a treasury of Yanukovych’s) as well as “Donbasskiy Rozrakhunkovo-Finansovy Center” [Donbass Settlement and Financial Center] which is a key enterprise in the business empire of Sasha Yanukovych. Even Andriy Kravets, a current head steward of Yanukovych’s Public Affairs Department, started his dynamic career growth from a modest office taken in Brovary’s “Ukrbudinvest” branch that enters the orbit of enterprises related to  Altera Finance.

The “Vidrodzhennya Ukrainy” [Renewal of Ukraine] charity fund is also in relative orbit to Altera Finance and is the owner of that part of Mezhihirya where the well-known “Honka club-house” [Yanukovych’s home] is located.

Here is one example of a joint business of Altera Finance and Yanukovych.

In 2007 one of the companies belonging to Altera was spotted as co-owner of Pa Ti Pa night club located in Kyiv not far from Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine building. Other owners of that club were SPS Group LLC (a supplier of luxurious furniture and décor to Mezhihirya) and Ukrprominvestactiv LLC managed by Tatyana Galenko where she worked as director, and currently manages Alexander Yanukovych’s Charity Foundation.

Altera Finance is still working for the good of the Family today.

Only the scale of business has changed. Viktor Yanukovych’s eldest son switched from organizing night clubs (“nests of depravity” with drug trade) to coal trade, train carriages and public property…

In particular, Altera Finance has recently acquired stakes in 5 state mining and processing factories in the Donetsk region at a price that is 8 times less than nominal value.

Journalist Sergei Scherbyna in his article on “Ukrainian Truth” has shown conclusively that the purchase took place in the interests of businesses owned by Yanukovych’s eldest son.

Finally, the last argument, which proves that the group Altera Finance is still related to the Family is that Violetta Klimenko, (the wife of Anton Klimenko, the older brother of the Minister of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine, Alexander Klimenko, who is considered to be an appointee of Yanukovych’s elder son) works for it.

So if Altera Finance is operating under the Family, it seems that the son of Givi Nemsadze is working for the Family as well. And he has a sufficiently high status if he is entrusted with the serious business of assets seizures of refractory plants. We can only hope that he entered the Family business through his own management talents and and not due to the merit of his father.

It is terrible to imagine what the “merits” of bloody gang leader Givi Nemsadze may be to Victor Yanukovych.

Although children are not responsible for their parents, goose bumps nevertheless appear when you suddenly discover the name of the younger “Nemsadze” in the context of the Family, specially after visiting the hunting grounds of Viktor Yanukovych, which suggest that our President has a growing blood lust.

On the photo [above] are supplementary fragments to complement the appeal of Donetsk Oblast Prosecutor S. Lysnyak, dated 2008.
On the photo [below] is a decree of court that has considered the submissions of Renat Kuzmin and released Givi Nemsadze from criminal responsibility.

All investigations of Tatyana Chornovol can be read from her blog on Ukrainska Pravda

Mezhyhirya – exclusive footage
Exclusive footage from the residence of Yanukovych, Mezhyhirya

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