A Christmass mass on the stage of Maidan

A Christmass mass on the stage of Maidan
24 decembre 2013
Translated by: Na Ftusia
Serhiy Pavlov, member of EuroMaydan self-defence guard, who got badly sick after the police assault of Maydan on the night of Dec. 10/11, passed away today.

Catholic priests who held a Christmass mass on the stage of Maydan tonight asked the protesters to pray for him.
It was reported today that one more man, 41-year-old Pavlo Mazurenko from Kyiv, brutally beaten up by three policemen on Dec. 18 on his way home from Maydan, passed away recently at a Kyiv hospital from head injuries.
A journalist of Road Control initiative (roadcontrol.org.ua), Vladimir Maralov, was nearly shot in the heart, escaping death only by chance, and his car was burned down, on Dec. 21. The perpetrators wanted to know the whereabouts of videos made by Andriy Dzyndzya on Bankova on Dec. 1, when a fight with police took place.
Andriy Dzyndzya, a journalist of Road Control, brutally beaten up by police on Dec. 1 and detained on Dec. 5, and his lawyer Viktor Smaliy, were sentenced to two months of arrest and still remain in custody.
Two more Road Control activists were beaten up on Dec. 22 in Donetsk Region.
Dmytro Pypypets, one of the organizers of EuroMaydan in Kharkiv, was attacked by two unidentified individuals on the night of Dec. 24 in downtown Kharkiv, he is in hospital with 4 knife wounds.
On the night of Dec. 24/25, Tatyana Chornovyl, famous opposition journalist, was attacked as she drove past Boryspol near Kyiv by two man who blocked her car, broke the window, beat her up brutally as she was trying to run away and left her lying on the street. Tatyana Chornovyl was found in the street by police and taken to a hospital with brain concussion and injuries to the face. [via media and FB reports]

To be continued.

It looks like the dawn of a new era in Ukraine.

On the photo: a Christmas service on the stage at Maydan.
Merry Christmas!

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