URGENT! Provocations Being Prepared (HNR Statement)



Arsen Avakov. Image from WikiPedia.

Blog post by Arsen Avakov, Opposition MP, Batkivshchyna (Motherhood) Party.

13 Dec., 2013, 23:47, Kyiv, Ukraine. (Translated by Denis Gapeyev)

Source: http://blogs.pravda.com.ua/authors/avakov/52ab8074a3b26/

The Headquarters of National Resistance has received information that requires to be published urgently.

Two units of ALPHA [antiterrorist task force of the Security service of Ukraine (SBU) – translator] quartered near Krasnoarmeyskaya Str. in Kyiv and special task forces of the Internal Troops have received the command to disguise themselves in civilian clothes, infiltrate the territory of Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) (or the so called “Anti-Euromaidan”, a pro-governmental rally in the Mariinsky Park [now in European Square – translator] and to provoke people into fights and disturbances, discrediting thereby peaceful nature of our protest.

Self-organized defense detachments of the Euromaidan were commanded to watch in special alert mode.

We appeal to public and mass media!

We appeal to government to withdraw this team of instigators. All actions or provocations of this kind will have to be paid for sooner or later.

We ask all people in the Euromadian to keep a sharp look-out and prevent all provocations aimed at discrediting our peaceful process.

Headquarter of National Resistance. Kiev.

Source: http://blogs.pravda.com.ua/authors/avakov/52ab8074a3b26/


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