Fedor Sivtsov Confession: On EuroMaidan I Believed in God And Became A Nationalist

Source: https://www.facebook.com/EuroMaydanTranslations/posts/265577520260346

Three things have happened to me today.

1. I believed in God. When Berkut broke through the barricades and started pushing people away, when women and children were gathered on the stage and the rest around it. When people were praying and gathering all their strength not to burst into tears out of fear and helplessness. When all of a sudden church bells resounded through the night bringing hope. That very moment I believed in God.

2. I became a nationalist. When I saw those soldiers, my fellow citizens, who must represent the law in my country, those who must protect the law. Obeying the stupid and monstrous order, protecting the interest of the only one person, the president of the neighboring country (our president is acknowledged by no one in this country), they were attacking peaceful demonstrators – women, children, the old – they made no difference. When some one shouted from the stage “We have been heard. People from all over Kyiv are coming to us.” When I turned around and saw the endless crowd of people not indifferent to the fate of their fellow citizens. Those were simple compatriots who went out to protect peaceful population. That very moment I became a nationalist.

3. I got rid of fear. When they surrounded the square and started pressing us. When they ran out of strength and we managed to repulse them. Probably we didn’t push them back but at least we stopped the flow of these bastards. That very moment I got rid of fear. And believe me, I am far from being the most brave or most reckless person in this country. But today I’ll go to Maidan again. I’ll go for this night, for these people and for pride of being a united nation – the pride we stood for this night. And I urge you to forget about fear and doubt and go out with me. We trust in God, in dignity and power and in people. We trust in Ukraine. Together to triumph! And glory to Ukraine!

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