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Rich Myers: Kate, student in Kyiv

  Rich Myers: Kate, student in Kyiv Kate, student in Kyiv Source: http://richemyers.nfshost.com/?p=366 February 16, 2014 Kate is a student living in Kyiv.  I met her on the street – she spoke English very well, so I asked her a … Continue reading

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Rich Myers: Lyubov, coffee shop owner

Rich Myers: Lyubov, coffee shop owner February 15, 2014 Source: http://richemyers.nfshost.com/?p=340 (Photo: Rich Myers) Lyubov owns a coffee shop near Independence Square, the center of Euromaidan.   Earlier today I stopped in to ask her a few questions about it. ME: … Continue reading

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Jörg Drescher: My Understanding of the Ukrainian Revolution

Joerg Drescher: My Understanding of the Ukrainian Revolution Source: https://www.facebook.com/notes/joerg-drescher/my-understanding-of-the-ukrainian-revolution/10202361023685669?ref=notif&notif_t=notify_me 11.02.2014 Meanwhile foreign newspapers describe the Ukrainian revolution as “struggle for power.” But this leads to some questions. The first is, who is fighting? On the one hand, of course, … Continue reading

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#EuroMaidan: Peaceful Energy of Ukraine

By Ruslana Lyzhychko Transate: Isis Wisdom Source: https://www.facebook.com/ruslana.lyzhychko.5/posts/624552360940311 Maidan. Peaceful Energy of Ukraine. I love Maidan, just as he is! I spent 25 nights on the Maidan. On stage – from 5 to 10 hours a day. Fatigue, I do … Continue reading

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#Maidan diary: #EuroMaidan is first of all PEOPLE

A story of the Ukrainian woman Albina Nikonenko from her Facebook page. #Maidan (AutoMaidan) is, above all, PEOPLE! (Spelled with all capitals – PEOPLE). I do not quote anyone, I will only describe my situation and feelings. Yesterday I had an … Continue reading

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