Voices of Ukraine is a volunteer translation project to spread the word globally about Ukrainian politics and more.

Voices of Ukraine is a volunteer project dedicated to delivering news about Ukraine in a variety of languages. We are a volunteer translation and editing project working to give a realistic picture of the ground reality of the Ukrainian political and cultural space. While we maintain a high standard of translation consistency, our information is only as accurate as our primary sources, which are always referenced. The opinions expressed in posts do not necessarily reflect those of the Voices of Ukraine team.

Volunteers translate the most significant EuroMaidan statements, interviews, articles, blog posts & social media updates from Ukrainian/Russian into English, German, and other languages. All translations consist of links to the original sources.

Our Facebook page is “EuroMaidan As It Is“, the Twitter account is “MaidanOnline.” Join us through these social networks to be updated on the latest developments! If you feel that you can help as a volunteer translator, please join the team on the FB-page “Maidan Needs Translators.”

Voices began to tell about the massive, peaceful, anti-government protest in Ukraine called Maidan (EuroMaidan) which started in mid-November of 2013.

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