Reports from Mechnikov Hospital: “I want to love and not to fear”


Serhiy Ryzhenko, Chief Doctor at Mechnikov Regional Clinical Hospital in Dnipropetrovsk
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

A mine orchestra plays painfully.

Denys, a major with the [Ukrainian] Armed Forces, is 34 years of age.

[He received] heavy mine-explosive wounds in the village of Vodyane.

Open head injury, closed abdominal trauma. Severe fractures of both legs.

[He] endured lengthy surgeries.

[Denis is currently facing] the risk of an ischemic left foot. [He] had a colossal blood transfusion.

Resuscitators, neurosurgeons, and trauma surgeons saved [his] life; [we are] now trying to save his leg.

The soldier says weakly: “[I] want to love and not to fear.”


Mechnikov Regional Clinical Hospital

Source: Serhiy Ryzhenko FB

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