Information Resistance: List of Russian army units concentrating by the state border and transferring to Donbas #FreeSavchenko

information_resistance_logo_engDmitry Tymchuk, Head of the Center for Military and Political Research, Coordinator of the Information Resistance group, Member of Parliament (People’s Front)
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

According to the operational data of the Information Resistance group, divisions of the Russian Armed Forces continue redeploying in the borderland areas [of Russia], in direct proximity to the state border with Ukraine; as well as transferring to the territory of Donbas.

Namely, at the Dolotinka base camp (Millerovskiy district, Rostov oblast, Russia), we have been able to identify units of the 28th anti-aircraft missile brigade (place of their permanent deployment is Chebarkul, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia).

In the vicinity of the Kuzminskiy firing field (Rostov oblast, Russia) units of the 35th separate motorized rifle brigade (Aleysk) have been identified. According to the IR group data, their transfer to Ukraine is scheduled for April 20, 2015.

In addition, the following units have been identified in the borderland areas of Rostov Oblast (Russia):
16th separate specialized brigade of the GRU [Main Intelligence Directorate] of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces – in the vicinity of the Dolotinka camp;
74th separate specialized radio engineering regiment (Vladikavkaz). Security for this unit is provided by the 100th separate reconnaissance brigade (Mozdok);
– units of the 100th separate reconnaissance brigade have been identified in the Tarasovskiy district of Rostov Oblast;
200th separate motorized rifle brigade (Pechenga) – in the vicinity of Millerovo (according to IR group data, troop rotation is planned in the near future);
79th reactive artillery brigade (Tver).

The main concentration of Russian troops in Rostov Oblast is observed near the settlement of Millerovo, where several field camps are operating. This is the deployment site for battalion tactical groups from military units of the Western and Central Military Districts of Russia, as well as for “land” units from the Northern and Baltic fleets. Battalion tactical groups from the Southern Military District are mainly based near the Kadamovskiy firing field (Rostov Oblast), which is also the place of deployment for Spetsnaz units of the GRU [Main Intelligence Directorate] and MIA [Ministry of Internal Affairs].

Additionally, a reinforced battalion tactical group of the 247th regiment of the Russian Airborne Troops was deployed near the Ukrainian border.

According to IR group data, additional units of the 56th separate combat brigade (Kamyshin; some of the brigade’s units are currently operating in the Donetsk Oblast of Ukraine) and units of the 200th artillery brigade (Gorniy) are planned for deployment in Rostov Oblast before the end of April.

Units of the 6th separate tank brigade have been identified near the Kuzminskiy firing field (some of this brigade’s units are operating in the Donest Oblast of Ukraine). Plus, units of the 138th separate motorized rifle brigade (Kamenka; some units in the Donetsk Oblast of Ukraine) have been identified in Rostov Oblast.

On the territory of Ukraine, units of the 74th separate motorized rifle brigade (Yurga) were identified near Starobesheve, and units of the 8th separate motorized rifle brigade (Borzoy, Chechnya), in Makiivka. Individual units of the latter brigade are currently undergoing training at the Sernovodskoye firing field (Stavropol Krai, Russia), to be deployed to Rostov Oblast afterwards.

Additionally, in cooperation with Irakli Komaxidze, we were able to identify:

– deployment of a battalion tactical group of the 19th motorized rifle brigade (military unit N20634, 58th army, Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia) to the Kuibyshev district (Rostov Oblast, Russia). Earlier, this BTG was deployed near the Kadamovskiy firing field, where several more BTG from the military units of the Russian South Military District are based.

– redeployment of units of the 23rd separate motorized rifle brigade (Samara) to the vicinity of Rostov-on-Don. Previously, these units were spotted in Belgorod Oblast of Russia, on the Kharkiv [Ukraine] direction. (According to the preliminary data, one BTG from the above brigade remains on the Kharkiv direction.)

– redeployment of artillery reconnaissance units of the 7th military base (Guauta, Abkhazia) in close proximity to the border, in the Novoazovsk sector.


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