Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary – July 11, 2014

Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Brothers and sisters!

information_resistance_logo_engHere’s the Summary for July 11, 2014 (for previous summary, please see Summary for July 10).

The bad news:

1. Today is another black day [in the history of Ukraine]. For the past 24 hours, 23 servicemen died, and 93 more were wounded. Most of them as a result of terrorists shelling the positions of ATO forces with MLRS “Grad.” 

Guys, you will be avenged. No matter how hard Putin’s dogs of war are trying to bite in agony, they will fully pay for every drop of your blood. I’m convinced that neither Donbas nor Ukraine as a whole will ever forget the heavy price that paid our way to victory…

2. The terrorists have been shelling our positions for the second time in three days from the state border with Russia. This is obviously to provoke retaliatory fire from our [servicemen] to hit back at Russian territory. 

In two weeks, we recorded three instances where the insurgents themselves clearly and intentionally fired with mortars onto Russian territory.

Apparently, in this way the terrorists seek to force Putin to bring “Russian peacekeepers” to Donbas. Although it is possible that this is only part of the overall plan concocted by the Russian FSB. In any case, for us there is nothing good [to be found] in these provocations.

The good news:

1. Despite the losses, the ATO forces continue active operations. Today, aviation worked effectively.

It delivered several hits to the positions of terrorists. The major attack was a blow to the base, which terrorists set up on the territory of a [coal] mine near Krasnodon [Luhansk Oblast]. Weapons and equipment were destroyed.

How many little insurgents have gone to another world during the attack is not precisely known, but let’s hope that the survivors learned their lesson and will be begging Russian border guards at night to let them back into Russia.

2. In Kyiv, at the National Museum of the Great Patriotic War, an SBU [Security Service of Ukraine] exhibition opened on the “evidence of Russia’s involvement in the support of terrorists that are rampaging eastern Ukraine.” [The exhibition] includes captured weapons (some of which are used exclusively by the Russian army), the documents of subversives from the GRU of the General Staff of Russia, passports and military IDs of Russian citizens, separatist propaganda, and the confessions of mercenaries.

I would walk every European politician, who mumbles about “peaceful dialogue” with Russia’s participation, by hand to this exhibition and stick his nose into every exhibit. So that they understand, that is–is war. Russia’s war against Ukraine. And nothing else.

It is symbolic that the exhibition opened at the Museum of the Great Patriotic War. We won that war, and [we] will win this one as well. Fascism is always doomed to failure.

3. The National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine reported that broadcasting of Ukrainian TV channels has been recovered and Russian channels have been disabled in territories liberated from the terrorists.

We have already become convinced in full, that the lies of the Moscow propaganda machine are far from harmless. Donbas residents have paid dearly (and, unfortunately, are still paying today) for the Kremlin’s brainwashing. They have gorged themselves on the vaunted “Russian world,” choke-full. It’s time to look at the world with one’s own eyes and not through the eyes of the likes of moral monster [Dmitry] Kiselyov and Putin’s Goebbels, and their like.

Source: Dmitry Tymchuk FB

HromadskeTV (in English): Terrorists’ Weapons: See With Your Own Eyes

The National Museum of the Great Patriotic War showed weapons from the East (VIDEO)

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3 Responses to Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary – July 11, 2014

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  2. Pit says:

    Dimitry, there is one more simple good news here. This is probably the first time, there are only two bad news and three good news. Well done. Keep going that way.

  3. Congratulations! Ukraine can be proud of Mr. Tymchuk, he is a true patriot and a wise thinker.

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