Combat medic Tetyana died in line of duty in Donetsk

By Vasily Terkin
Translated by Voices of Ukraine

Today in Donetsk Oblast, Tetyanka died from injuries that were incompatible with life. She took care of our wounded. She was seriously wounded during a mortar attack led by terrorists. For many days Tatiana lay comatose, and in the morning she died.
In August, she was about to turn 27 …
Eternal Memory!

4rgGsH9OrE8 Source: Vasily Terkin FB

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9 Responses to Combat medic Tetyana died in line of duty in Donetsk

  1. ollejos says:

    A true angel. R.I.P

  2. Matti Istanmäki says:


  3. Lorren says:

    The blood that renews the tree of liberty is being shed on the soil of Ukraine. Honor to the fallen.

  4. zenobiusz says:

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    Módlmy się za Nią i innych którzy giną …

  5. Like the others who have given their lives for others freedom in UKR – NEVER forget her.

  6. Jan says:

    Why? that here glorius name lives forever Hero! glory to Ukraine.

  7. Mariano says:

    …there are no words to express how sorry I am, touched by her bravery of working to save lives in the middle of a war. Glory to the Heroes of Ukraine!

  8. justice says:

    Tetyana gave her life for the freedom of Ukraine. Царство їй Небесне!

  9. reasonablyliberal1 says:

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    Reblog: Combat medic dies in Ukraine.

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