Odious Russian personality launches web-based project called Ukraina.ru

Euromaidan PR

Russia has established yet another platform in its information war against Ukraine. On June 18, the Russia Today Agency headed by infamous Russian jingoist Dmitry Kiselyov, launched a new information resource called Ukraina.ru. This web-based platform is intended to inform readers about the crisis in Ukraine and to become, in the words of the author, a supposed ‘reflection of Russian-Ukrainian relations.’ However, analysts are concerned that this new resource, like its parent Russia Today, reflects the Russian government’s desire to increase its foreign propaganda efforts, according to BBC Russia.

120.jpg “UN: Right Sector is involved in the Odesa events”

Ukraina.ru will be managed by Ukrainian journalist Alyona Berezovska, who was rumored to be very close to ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. 

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1 Response to Odious Russian personality launches web-based project called Ukraina.ru

  1. This will be another propaganda machine with traitorous Ukrainians and Russians to sprook lies about Ukraine,it’s people and the government.They will make every attempt to make it sound in favour of Ukraine and partially critical of some Russian moves.All to gain some form of respectability.How naive can you be.Ukrainians will never trust a site with ‘ru’ tag ever again,nor should anyone with any sense in the Western world.

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