Poland States That There Are No Polish Mercenaries in Donbas

Euromaidan PR

Monday, June 9, 2014 15:07

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland denied information about Polish contractors allegedly detained in eastern Ukraine by the terrorists. Ministry spokesperson Marcin Wojciechowski made the announcement.

“We do not confirm information about the detention of Polish citizens by separatists among the contractors in eastern Ukraine. It’s part of black PR,” said  Wojciechowski.

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2 Responses to Poland States That There Are No Polish Mercenaries in Donbas

  1. I’m curious why EuromaidanPR posts “news” from “Ukrayinska Pravda”? Is this the same agency as “Pravda” in Russia? The original text is on Ukrayinska Pravda at http://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2014/06/9/7028520/

    • chornajuravka says:

      Undernet, Ukrainska Pravda is a major Ukrainian news outlet founded by Heorgiy Hongadze and has nothing to do with Russian Pravda. It is one of the most reliable sources in Ukraine.

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