The Western Choice of the Russian Government

Euromaidan PR

Aisen Tacho, April 25th 2014

It was noticed a while ago that the children of our patriotic governors live and study in the West. Parents send their children to live in the West, buy property there, send money there, and even have dual citizenship… All this happens for one simple reason: they despise Russia, her people, and they have long since given up on the country they rule. The list of Russian governor`s children who live practically permanently in the West is huge, and I will give just a few examples.


I will briefly list the family members of Russian governmental officials and the places where they live.

1. President V. Putin’s family

Very little is known about the President`s family, considering their private lifestyle. He was married, then divorced. In the early 90s, Putin returned to Leningrad [St. Peterburg] and sent his daughters back to Germany…

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