Eyewitness Account of Luhansk Terrorist Attacks on Residential Quarters

Euromaidan PR

Alexander Zabirko gives a chilling eyewitness account of the “Luhansk People’s Republic” fighters’ attacks on residential quarters.


I made this picture last year from the window of my Mom’s house. To the right from the church you can actually see the fence of the very border unit, which is now being attacked by the “people” with St.George Ribbons on their chests and grenade dispensers in their hands. My Mom managed to run out of her home early in the morning when the attack was just starting. People were running through yards to the Myrniy residential quarter, some of them going directly across the ravine in the direction of Yuzhniy residential quarter. Since then the attackers would not let anyone out of our house or the neighboring multistory building. They are shooting from the house roof and balconies – one can see the border unit from our house as plain as…

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