SOS Request For Medical Supplies to Ukraine

Euromaidan PR

downloadSOS Request from doctors in Ukraine to anyone traveling there in the next few days.

If possible bring the following to Ukraine (items for treating gunshot wounds, heavy trauma). These items can save a life but are not available in Ukraine.

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2 Responses to SOS Request For Medical Supplies to Ukraine

  1. Lawrence A. Oshanek says:

    Two things of great importance in obtaining larger sterile field dressings.

    1) If nothing else is available or on cost alone, woman’s large panty liners are 3″ (7 cm) wide and almost 12″ (30 cm) long and make a good sterile battle dressing for large ‘weeping’ bleeding wounds – For wounds that are bleeding more, thicker feminine napkins can be used.

    2) Instead of expensive medical tape, use vinyl electrical tape – a) it is cheap and sterile, b) it does not stick to skin and hair but works very well if it attaches to the bandage and entirely around the body part being bandaged and it can be stretched to restrict blood flow to (and from) the wound as a cheap and easy emergency tourniquet.

  2. Dony says:

    all countries must intervene with a helping hand

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