The Donbas battalion on the Karlovka ambush

Euromaidan PR


As soon as it became obvious that Defense force “Donbas” is capable of mopping-up terrorists from next and next districts of the Donetsk region, an unaccountable event happened. Actually, there is an explanation. “Donbas” has been betrayed and information about its movement route became know to the terrorists. “Donbas” ran into an ambush near village Karlovka and accepted battle. Snipers, submachine gunners were engaged against “Donbas” and bazookas were being used. There are wounded (the amount is being verified). There are 2 persons in the hospital of one of the nearby towns, 2 persons were moved from the block-post to the hospital. One of them is in the surgery operating theatre and the other one is in traumatic surgery. Guards were left near the hospital with the wounded. The other wounded are waiting for evacuation. 

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