Maidan Volunteer Liza Shaposhnyk Is Getting Married This Week

Euromaidan PR

Photo by Ruslan Stepanov

The young woman became an iconic hero of the Maidan last winter when she devoted herself tirelessly to helping out on Independence Square.

Six months ago, Liza Shaposhnyk helped out in the kitchen of the Euromaidan in Kyiv: she tore the strings off tea bags.  Liza, who has had limited capabilities since childhood is once again dealing with strings. [ Цього разу від розтяжок до вибухових пристроїв  які бійці “Правого сектору” тренуються ставити на полігоні, повідомляє “Радіо Свобода“.  This time it’s the strings of explosive devices that the Right Sector fighters are training to set on the ground, reports Radio Liberty.

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