How Much Propaganda Can You Get Into 15 Minutes of News?

Euromaidan PR

кузщкеук By Boris Reitschuster

How much propaganda in 15min of news:

The main “news stories” on Russia’s “First Channel” tonight:

  • Germany is a nation occupied by the United States of America. Germany cannot even promote someone to colonel without American approval.
  • The United States has spent $ 5 billion for the putsch in Ukraine.
  • The goal of the United States is to force Ukraine into NATO and install a missile defense system in Ukraine.
  • America dreams about destroying Russia with a nuclear first strike, but to do so America needs a missile defense system in Ukraine.
  • Most importantly for America are the areas along the Ukrainian-Russian border, but the people there are against the USA. Therefore the Ukrainian Army is currently exterminating these people with American consent.

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