Russian Analyst Calls for Dividing Up Romania Following Partition of Ukraine

Euromaidan PR

Paul Goble, originally on Window on Eurasia

Staunton, May 15 – Russian commentators have talked openly about dividing up Ukraine and Moldova in order to support ethnic Russian communities there and weaken these two countries, but now one Moscow writer has taken such ideas further and called for the dividing up of Romania in support of Russian national interests in the Balkans.

In a commentary on, Dmitry Rodionov says that the annexation of Crimea and the crisis in Ukraine have refocused attention on the possibilities of joining Transdniestria, the breakaway region in Moldova, to the Russian Federation, something he says that must be “decide in parallel with ‘the Ukrainian question’”.

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1 Response to Russian Analyst Calls for Dividing Up Romania Following Partition of Ukraine

  1. hh says:

    In this country the govt can take land but under VERY specific rules. Recently they have been abusing it and it does lead to court battles. I hope you have the best possible lawyers.

    For starters, Russia probably needs to get a real estate license! This is exactly what I saw coming and Poland shouldn’t rest easy. P wants the map from say 1970 – and then he would love to add to it. The Chinese are not in favor of this behavior so it’s easier for him to just keep pushing west where they are so worried about their heating bills.

    Hope you read that Saudi Arabia is coming to your aid.

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