Finnish Violinist and Conductor Writes Open Letter to Artists Supporting Putin’s Actions

Euromaidan PR

Open letter from Dalia Stasevska, violinist and conductor



On 11th of March, on the internet page of Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, a controversial statement signed by Valery Gergiev, Yuri Bashmet, Denis Matsuev and 508 additional Russian artists was published. Many famous musicians and other representatives of Russian artists’ community thus announced their direct “support for the position of President of the Russian Federation regarding Ukraine and Crimea”. Because of this, I am directly forced to announce my shock, dismay and disagreement with that particular statement.

Dmitri Shostakovich is widely known as something of an archetype about artist’s ambivalent role in a dictatorship. Although he publicly supported the politics of Stalin’s regime, he later claimed having encountered ‘inner resistance’ against the system all those years. Is this the role of you have taken too, Mr…

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2 Responses to Finnish Violinist and Conductor Writes Open Letter to Artists Supporting Putin’s Actions

  1. Shari Kulha says:

    Headline requires a slight change! My heart fell when I read it and thought Stasevska’s letter supports Putin.I’m sure she would be upset that people might only see the headline and go off thinking exactly the opposite of what she believes. Maybe change to “artists who support”

  2. Walter Bohdaniw says:

    Quite right. In English, the headline does indeed mean that she wrote an open letter that supported Putin’s actions, which she addressed to artists in general.

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