How Moscow Hijacked the History of Kyivan Rus

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(This essay was first published in a collection by Yaroslav Dashkevych, PhD. History, “Learn to Speak the Truth with Non-Lying Lips” – K:Tempora, 2011, 828pp)

In creating their nation, Ukrainians need to examine and analyze their own history, based on truth, verified facts and historical events. For centuries under the rule of conquerors, Ukrainians were basically deprived of the opportunity to influence the formation of national awareness and the the development of their history, with the result that Ukraine’s history was composed predominantly to the advantage of their conquerors. Especially troublesome is the question of the pretensions and demands of Moscow, and later Russia, concerning the the historical legacy of Kyivan Rus.

Lebedev_baptism Baptism of Rus-Ukraine 988 AD

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