Think about it: Israel and the Ukrainian crisis

Think about it: Israel and the Ukrainian crisis



(The writer is a retired Knesset employee)

25.04.2014, Israel and the World

Think about it: Israel and the Ukrainian crisis



Think about it: Israel and the Ukrainian crisis

… Furthermore, given the means Russia has used since 1990 to crush uprisings by minorities within its territory, its complaints about the treatment of the Russians in Eastern Ukraine, who are acting up with Russian encouragement and support, seems hypocritical and cynical.
Since no one denies that there are many Russians dreaming of reestablishing a Russian Empire of one sort or another, and that these include some of the men surrounding Putin, and possibly Putin himself, one cannot help making the comparison with pre-World War II Germany.
Though no Western government has said as much openly, many political commentators and journalists have. One of these is Strobe Talbott, president of the Brookings Institution and a former deputy secretary of state in the Clinton administration.

Doesn’t all this concern Israel? I believe it does. Do Israel’s genuine security concerns justify ignoring the broader issues? I believe that they do not. It is for this reason that Israel’s sitting on the fence with regard to the situation in the Ukraine is unacceptable, even if the Ukrainians are far from being saints, and even if the Americans weren’t pissed off with us.

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