Who needs Russia in Kharkiv? 

Euromaidan PR

One more point of view of a Kharkivite

kharkiv Kharkiv, Svobody Square

All of the facts below are crucial to understand what has been happening these days in Kharkiv. The information is either based on my personal experience, or has been obtained from the witnesses and direct participants of the events.

There are three higher educational institutions in Kharkiv teaching staff for the Ministry of Internal Affairs. They are: the Yaroslav Mudry National Law University of Ukraine, with its faculty of training for internal affairs bodies, the University of Internal Affairs, and the Higher Institute of Inner Forces. Because of the exterritorial principle violation, a large proportion of the graduates either lives, or stay in Kharkiv permanently to work. With the teaching staff, students and trainees in mind, the density of the Ministry of Internal Affairs workers is exceptionally high, which is why Kharkiv has been dubbed “the city of cops”.

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