Three priests of Greek-Catholic church are missing in Crimea (16.03.2014)

Three priests of Greek-Catholic church are missing in Crimea



On Sunday at around 2 p.m. the priest of the Greek-Catholic church, Mykola Kvych, disappeared  in Sevastopol.

According to the report, the last thing he managed to say: “If I do not get in the touch anymore, then please report: they are smashing in the doors of my appartment on Khrustalyova street. They are the police and pro-russian “self-defense”, there are many of them, I have metal doors, but I do not know how long they will stand. “

Currently both phones of the Father Mykola are switched off, though even during the arrest and search in his apartment on Saturday, his phones were on.

“I spoke with Father Mykol today at around 12.00. He told me that Finnish journalists would come for an interview. Probably at the time of the attack, they could stay in his apartment,” – said the head of the Information Department of Greek-Catholic Church Ihor Yatsiv.

Besides, parishioners of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church from Yevpatoria reported that their priest Bogdan Kostecki had also dissapeared today.

They report that on Saturday he returned from western city of Ternopil, where he brought his family. On the same day he told his wife that he has already got to Crimea, and then disappeared. His phones are switched off.

It became known that Father Ihor Havryliv has also disappeared.

According to the preliminary information, he was in a car together with Father Bogdan Kostecki.
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