An Invasion of the mind

Euromaidan PR

Over the last two days, the Western press has descended upon the southern Ukrainian city of Sevastopol. The reason? Kremlin saber-rattling and overblown talk of a Russian invasion in Crimea. If the journalists reporting from Crimea were able to separate Russian media hype from facts and take a step back to think logically and strategically, it would dawn upon them that such an intervention could only happen if Vladimir Putin were a raving lunatic.

In a city teeming with Russian nationalists who either serve in the Russian Black Sea Fleet, have family members serving in the Fleet or are retirees from the Fleet, some seem to have forgotten that Crimea is not only Sevastopol and not only Russian. Nor does the press ponder the implications of such a move by Russia, nicely serving as the latest group of “useful idiots” for the Kremlin.

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