Latest News From Ukrainian Protests_19.02.2014 (WILL BE UPDATED)

16.49 Around 50 protesters detained.

16.42 Crowds building on Maidan – this is vital, because it reduces the chances of a police attack. The opposition can only hope that they get more help from the rest of Ukraine, and that the regime loses control of more regions, which will reduce its access to police reserves.

16.34 Chernivtsi militia moves to the side of people, – that was announced in front of protesters by Internal Affairs Directorate Chief  Oleksandr Demidov.

16.20 SBU and anti-terrorism center announced the start of anti-terror operation in the whole country. This mean the special forces and machinery are to be legally applied against protesters all over Ukraine…Now the government calls protests in Ukraine ‘terroristic acts’.

16.15 Is Berkut controled by nobody? Zakharchenko evouches he doesn’t control Berkut.
Neither heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs nor the Department of Public Safety heads instructed nor directed the actions of Berkut during the protesters crackdown on Maidan, Bankova and Hrushevskoho St. Who then controls terrible actions of Berkut?

16.11 Two traffic police officers  threatened gun to “Dorozhniy Kontrol” journalist Ivan Dovbiy.

16.09 German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier accused President Viktor Yanukovych of postponed crisis. Berlin is considering sanctions against Yanukovych.

16.01 Moskal told who controls the attacks on Maidan. Yesterday the Security Service and Interior Ministry two special operations on Maidan. The operations were brought into action by Minister Vitaliy Zakharchenko and Deputy Head of the Security Service Volodymyr Totskiy.

15.57 Fire intensified in the House of Unions. The confrontation continues

15.54 Head of the Chernivtsi Oblast State Administration Mykhailo Papiyev wrote a statement on the dismissal to the President of Ukraine.

15.45 One of the EuroMaidan leaders and a popular singer Ruslana Lyzhychko will announce a hunger strike if the EU fails to introduce sanctions against Ukrainian government and Viktor Yanukovych in particular.

15.39 Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski will go to Kyiv asap on behalf of the Head of the EU diplomacy Catherine Ashton.

14.32 Militia takes away wounded activists from the hospitals.

14.30 EuroMaidan: The IOC did not allow Ukrainian athletes to wear mourning ribbons.

Ukrainian delegation in Sochi appealed to the International Olympic Committee to allow athletes to wear a black mourning ribbons as a sign of sympathy to the victims in Kyiv of 18-19 February.

However, in its response, the representative of the IOC noted that under the Olympic Charter it is impossible.

14.20 In Khmelnytsky SBU opened fire on the people, a woman killed.

14.13 On Hrushevskoho St, where the barricades remains were removed at night, a wall of concrete slabs is being built now.

14.12 Mass protests in Uzhgorod, Lutsk, Vinnitsa. Protesters capture state buildings.

14.10 About 5000 people at Maidan now, over 100 injured sheltered in Mykhailivskiy Monastery.

13.55 Regular trains from Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk stoped on their way to Kyiv for the “bombs” inspection .

13.49 Desperate calls going out from the Maidan stage for people to come to Maidan to support the protesters.

13.20 Ukrainian Olympic ski team (Maryna Lisogor and Catherine Serdiuk) did not appear to the start of semi-final sprint competitions of the Olympics. Both athletes are in good condition, no injuries. An official statement of the team’s refuse to go to the start follows.

12.45 The EU has threatened personal sanctions for violence escalation in Ukraine. “We’re are to react urgently if the situation in Kyiv become worse”,  President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso stated.

12.34 SBU accused “certain politicians” in an attempt to capture the state power. The criminal case opened.

12.24 In Lutsk the self defence disarms and pulls out militia from the regional department of Ministry of Internal Affairs.

11.30 Anatoliy Hrytsenko: “Minister of Defense Lebedev again. In addition to the 25th individual Dnipropetrosk airborne brigade he ordered  also to sent to Kyiv the 79th airmobile regiment (Mykolaiv). Similarly, in a full battle gear. Recall, January 28, Azarov gave Ministry of Defence an order to convey the above brigades and regiments of the Armed Forces – to the Internal Troops. The information publicized in a press has suspended the transfer, at that time the government cared about formal legitimacy at least. Now the power is not worried about these “little things” – paratroopers ordered to perform police tasks under the guidance of the Internal Troops in fact.

10.55 Lviv people’s council took over all control of the oblast.

10.50 Activists share widely the

Due to the dramatic events in Ukraine and bloodshed on the streets of Kyiv, we urge the Ukrainian Olympians  to cease their  participation in the Winter Olympics in Sochi in solidarity with the people of Ukraine sharing mourning for the dead.

10.35 Maidan calls to bring food and fuel for generators and donate blood for the injured activists.

10.30 TV Channels of Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Pinchuk are showing comedies, while people are being killed in Kyiv street battles. And the oligarch tries to be a pro-western intellectual…

10.25 ‘Titushky’ head towards the U.S. Ambassy: A column of ‘titushky’ with bats and in full gear (backpacks, army boots) just passed Berestejska heading toward US Embassy through the Nyvky park.

10.20 EuroMaydan:‬ Journalist Vyacheslav Veremiy shot dead in Kyiv. He was dragged from the car, beaten and shot in the chest. He died from a gunshot wound in BSP. Vyacheslav worked in the newspaper VESTI.

10.15 At the moment Polish Prime-Minister Tusk is to appeal to the Sejm on events in Ukraine, the Polish media writes. Polish Television launched a continuous marathon of events in Ukraine, the sites streaming the Maidan.

10.11 ‘Titushky’ continue to monitor the intersection of Volodymyrska and Velyka Zhytomyrska St. Area of Velyka Zhytomyrska St to the beginning of Andriyivskyy Descent looks completely blocked and dangerous.

10.01 Anatoliy Hrytsenko: “Minister of Defense Lebedev has just ordered to sent to Kyiv 25th Dnipropetrovsk airborne brigade…  The number 500, in a full battle gear. To protect whom? From whom? Rhetorical question for such an army and such officers…”

09.50 In Lutsk offices of Party of Regions and Communist Party are set in fire.

09.45 About 2 thousand of anti-government protesters captured the base of “Berkut” Special Forces in Rivne.

08.45 Access to Kyiv is limited. The highways are blocked by traffic police and trucks with sand. Activists share maps of alternative ways to get Kyiv in social media. People from Lviv, Rivne and other West regions left to join Kyiv Maidan protesters.

08.15 House of Unions still in fire. Activists together with firefighters managed to rescue a few people, but there are more people in a building trapped.

08.06 Oleg Musiy, Head of Maidan Medical Service: 20 protesters dead and 500 wounded. Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry site reports 7 dead security forces.

07.57 Interior troops circle Maidan. Attack by Mykhailivska Square. Maidan can be reached now only from Besarabka.

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1 Response to Latest News From Ukrainian Protests_19.02.2014 (WILL BE UPDATED)

  1. Walter Derzko says:

    Putin’s man in Ukraine controls Berkut. Surkov – the main Kremlin strategist is on the ground in KYIV running the show, according to well placed sources.

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