Kyiv’s Transport Commission says Makeyenko’s order to suspend subway was illegal

Kyiv Transport Commission supported the formal request to the head of Kyiv City State Administration, Volodymyr Makeyenko, to resume the operation of the subway because his decision to suspend subway’s operation was illegal. “The decision was made at an out of the hall meeting today,” said council member Oleksandr Davydenko. According to him, the new mayor of Kyiv City State Administration Volodymyr Makeyenko tried to disrupt the meeting, calling to the members of the transport committee and demanding to immediately reschedule the meeting. At the meeting the committee decided: “There was no written order of the head of the KCSA to close the strategic facility, and therefore the decision to close the subway is in fact illegal. There is a power of attorney signed by the head of the KSCA Makeyenko but this document is not sufficient to stop the subway,” the decision reads. “The commission’s decision is to immediately cancel the illegal orders and to reopen the subway in Kyiv,” the document says.


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