Dear Europe! Now we are at war.

ImageOleksandr Stukalo on Facebook:

“Dear Europe! Now we are at war.

Don’t be afraid to call it war. It is not a conflict between east and west, Russians and Ukrainians, for or against EU. It is a war for our rights to be treated as human beings and not slaves. Do you remember what “slaves” means? We do. Leave your panic aside. We are fed up with your sanctions. We can’t devour them anymore. Our gas, blood, and riots is the vomit of your invisible sanctions.
You are too cozy, dear old Europe. Too wrinkled. Too immobile. You forgot what freedom is – freedom as an opposition to slavery. Perhaps, because you are too old. 
When the Granny realizes that her grandchildren are not suitable for being wrapped and they are not interested in a soothing lullaby, she is a bit sad. But the grown children can cope with a great number of other stuff. Chopping trees, killing poultry and planting orchards, for example. We can help, really. We are not only for mass festivities, folk songs and varenyky. Your encyclopedias lie. Read ours.

We are growing, Granny. Please, don’t be sad.”

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4 Responses to Dear Europe! Now we are at war.

  1. Saul Hudson says:

    Whilst I totally agree with you Oleksandr in that Ukraine should indeed be an independent nation it’s very hard to be independent when your economy is in the shit and you “need” money from foreign investors. No one is going to give you money without conditions. The decision to be made is, do you want to go with the conditions of the EU where Ukraine needs to clamp down on corruption, give the people freedom of speech, have a free press and hold free and fair elections OR do you go with Russia and basically become another Russian state, controlled from Moscow?

    The EU by the way is not trying to tell Ukraine who they can and can’t trade with. Ukraine would be free to trade with Russia as they do now.

    Russia however will increase your gas prices and put in place severe trade restrictions if Ukraine dares to join the EU.

    It is the Ukrainian people’s choice but it should not be one or the other. Personally I see no reason why Ukraine should not have good relations with Russia AND the EU. Unfortunately Putin does not agree.

  2. Macor says:

    Saul Hudson one of the reasons their economy is doing so badly is the inept and corrupt government officials. When you have guy in power siphoning off monies for himself and his cronies and doing business in Ukraine involves paying bribes to the right people to start a company or small enterprise the economy will do baldy. The level of corruption in Ukraine is ranked the same as African nations and Syria countries ruled by dictatorships and involved in civil wars long before Ukrainians rose up and became euromaidan.

    When euromaidan wins and I believe they will (you have to any other outcome is slavery) the hard part will be rising from the ashes and making sure the right people get into governance and the corruption is stamped out. Once the country is stable again and corruption is gone, they can potentially introduce some economic reforms like making it easier to register property, pay taxes and enforce contracts, the economy will do much better.

    • Saul Hudson says:

      Sure but I hope we all know that. Corruption in Ukraine has been endemic since way before independence. It’s a way of life and I speak as someone who has half his family in Ukraine. I know what it takes to live day to day there. None of this unfortunately changes the situation. They need the money and now just need to decide do they take it from a group of friends (EU) who are there to help Ukraine become a strong independent nation or do they get it from a loan shark (Putin) who will always keep you in debt and blackmail you every time you look to get out of it.

      These are easy choices for us and for the people of Ukraine but unfortunately none of us are in government right now so the choice is left with a bunch of thieving low life scum headed by Yanukovych who’s only interest is the size of his own bank account.

      Ukraine will become a strong independent country at some point but I fear it’s going to be a costly path to get there. People have already given their lives for it. There is no turning back. Ukraine has fundamentally changed from the country it was just a few months ago.

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