Florian Kellermann, “‘We Must Clear Our Land of Those People'” (Die Welt, Feb. 11, 2014)

Euromaidan PR

Pro-Yanukovych Rally in Donetsk Pro-Yanukovych Rally in Donetsk Die Welt
February 11, 2014, 10:14
Florian Kellermann, “ ‘We Must Clear Our Land of Those People’” (Translation by William Risch)
The east of Ukraine was a region that voted for Yanukovych for President in 2010. It is they who are demanding order and the clearing of Independence Square in Kyiv – “if necessary, with force, too.”

Blood sticks to the sidewalk on Artem Street. One strong stream of it clearly has splashed over the steps onto a wall. “That’s blood from demonstrators,” explains a young woman in a fur coat. Policemen had struck them with truncheons when they broke up the Euromaidan in Donetsk. The young woman considers this completely justified: “The demonstrators still resist when they’re arrested,” she says and then walks on.

The mood in the coal miners’ city of Donetsk and other cities of eastern Ukraine, where most people support President Viktor…

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