Appeal to the Jews of the World

Euromaidan PR

9317b-000000000003/02/2014 Three times in the past month synagogue congregants were assaulted in Kyiv. Two of the attacks were unsuccessful and one of them resulted in injuries to a yeshiva student. Signature and circumstances of the assaults leave no doubt as to who might be responsible. Spontaneous outburst of aggression by “anti-Semites from the Maidan” is ruled out. For such a spontaneous outburst there is a nearby synagogue in downtown Kyiv. Today only the craziest of lunatics can deliberately plan such action from the Maidan. It would mean burying all hopes of aid from the West by one’s own hands. Yet, as for the other side … Firstly, the signature arrogance and sense of impunity. The congregants apprehended an individual who was casing the synagogue carefully sketching the routes of yeshiva students in his notebook. He absolutely unworriedly came along to the police station, where he had just disappeared. Secondly, the police…

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