Polish people will carry humanitarian supplies for Maidan through the border themselves

February 9, 2014 10:30am   iPress.ua

Translated by Olia Knight
Source: http://ipress.ua/news/polsku_dopomogu_dlya_maydanu_nosytymut_cherez_kordon_lyudy_45321.html 

50 kilograms [110 lbs] per person

Since Ukrainian customs are not letting in cargo trucks with humanitarian supplies for Euromaidan, the Polish people will carry seven tons [14,000 lbs] of supplies to Ukraine, dividing it into 50 kg packages.


Photo: ria.ru

They plan to deliver all supplies to Ukraine in two weeks, according to Gazeta Wyborcza.

A journalist from the publication sat down for an interview with Roman Bilas, Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian Association department in Koszalin. He said that the first car sent from Koszalin in December of 2013 had successfully reached its destination. The Poles gathered four tons [8,000 lbs] of warm clothes, food, and 20,000 in Polish Złoty.

This time, the residents of Koszalin collected seven tons of humanitarian supplies. Unfortunately, they encountered problems at the border. All the supplies were returned to Koszalin.

“We loaded the gifts on three minibuses so as not to attract customs attention to larger vehicles. Drivers with dual citizenship were at the wheel but that did not help. The customs would not let them in, since Ukraine currently has a ban on all foreign humanitarian aid. This is one of the ways the government wants to destroy Maidan, and not only in Kyiv. The customs officials said they would not let us in. And if we risk it anyway, they will confiscate our gifts and arrest our cars,” says Roman Bilas.

Therefore, the Poles decided to find another way. They stored their supplies in one of the border towns.

“We will not give any details. Within the next two weeks, our volunteers will bring 50 kg of supplies through the border, since that is the allowable limit. All the supplies will be taken to a collecting facility, and then redistributed on all Maidans,” Bilas noted.

He also added that for the time being, the Poles will not gather any new supplies for Ukrainians on Maidan, rather they will redistribute the supplies already collected.

As reported by iPress.ua, on February 4 Ukrainian customs blocked a cargo truck with humanitarian supplies collected by the Poles for Euromaidan. Customs and the Ministry of Social Policy have denied the blockage of humanitarian supplies. However, the humanitarian aid has not yet reached its destination.

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