Mykola Kapliy, General of Police: “I give three days to those in power.”

Euromaidan PR

General of Police Mykola Kapliy, former head of the Interior Ministry in Cherkasy Oblast and Acting Chief of the Oblast Security Service of Ukraine, has stated that he will give the government and law enforcement bodies three days to reduce hostilities towards one another in the oblast. Otherwise, he states that will lead more than 10,000 people to the street–Afghanistan veterans, Chernobyl liquidators, soldiers, and former and current police officers.

“While I was abroad, several assaults of the Cherkasy Oblast branch of the State Department occurred. Upon my return, I learned that these events were, in fact, contrived provocations. Militia officers disclosed the whole scenario to me. In fact, honest people were framed by the provocateurs. I called General Lipandin, Cherkasy Police Chief, and offered to meet; he was outright rude, but I lost my temper as well. Therefore I gave Valeriy Chernyak, the Head of the Oblast Council…

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1 Response to Mykola Kapliy, General of Police: “I give three days to those in power.”

  1. Yaroslav says:

    God bless you !!! dear Mr. Mykola Kapliy. Just go with your plan, people will follow you !!! at this time, Ukraine need “prometeys” like you. Please accept a big hug ! SLAVA UKRAINI and people like Mykola !!!!!

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